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Trucking Software From Axon® Saves You Time!

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Axon® is the only Trucking Software with Dispatch and Accounting that is Totally Integrated in Real-Time, meaning that information only needs to be entered once to instantly update all of your Axon system automatically.

Casey Diaz “Our internal software system is, to us, the heart of our business. We consider our dispatchers the most important people because they’re coordinating everything, so if they don’t have the best tools to use, they’re going to be behind. We have to be ahead in this business as you know.” – Casey Diaz, President and CEO of Charles Diaz Trucking  Click For Video

  • Slashes administration time 47%
  • Increases efficiency, cash flow and profitability
  • Produces happier customers and staff

Our objective is to help our clients achieve their goals by helping them to save time.
Time you can use to.

  • Develop more business
  • Provide better services to your customers
  • Use to plan, reflect, and make better business decisions
  • Or go golfing or spend more time with your families

How you use the time we save you is up to you. All we can do is guarantee you this. When you make full use of the Axon Software System, you will save more time than you will with any other combination of transportation management products on the market. How can we be so sure? Because no other Trucking Software offers you the level of integration (the ability for your programs to talk to each other) instantly in Real-Time as does Axon Software. Period.

In Addition to solutions for Full Truckload Highway Carriers, Axon has built systems specifically for Oilfield Haulers, LTL Carriers, Heavy Haulers, Auto Haulers, Livestock — in fact almost every type of hauler you can think of. If your company uses tickets to track loads we also have that completely integrated with all the other management solutions we offer.

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Jamie McMillan - McMillan Transport Ltd“It’s really great for a trucking company, in that you need to watch your bottom line …you can see what each truck is doing to the cent. You can find out where you’re making money, where you’re losing money… you can head problems off before they even start.” – Jamie McMillan – McMillan Transport Ltd. Click For Video

Jack Johnson - JAT Brokerage“We do IFTA fuel reports for our owner operators. Again, it’s in the software and it’s so easy to do. From our fuel company, we can download the bills right into our computer and interface to Axon. We don’t have to touch anything.”Video – Jack Johnson – JAT Brokerage Click For Video

Sanchez - Long Star Trucking“…We purchased three vacuum trucks and, about six months into it, oil busted. We made it through about 18 months of that, just riding that oil field craziness, and now we have grown to operate 60 vacuum trucks, 20 roustabout crews, and about 20 flowback crews. It has been a crazy time, but it’s been good.” Video – Melissa Sanchez – Long Star Trucking & Field Services Click For Video