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The Axon Trucking Software Advantage

Powerful Integration Between Trucking Applications Will Save You Hundreds of Hours of Wasted Data Entry

Axon Trucking Software - Home ScreenshotThe best trucking company software packages on the market today are “integrated” systems. That means that the programs are linked together. When you add an invoice to your invoicing program, it updates the records in your Accounts Receivable system. The Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Payroll balances are automatically updated in your General Ledger program and Financial Statement reporting. But that’s usually about where it ends. So when you get an Accounts Payable Invoice for a fuel bill, you could end up actually having to handle that invoice 2, 3, or even 4 times, if you need to apply it to a unit’s history, an owner-operator’s charge back, and/or a fuel tax report.

With Axon Trucking Company Software, information only needs to be entered once, and it can flow through to all of the places you need it

Axon Dispatch Screenshot

AXON completely integrates all of your management systems so that nothing will slip through the cracks. For example, when you download fuel bills from one of your fuel suppliers, with the “push-of-a-button” your Fuel Tax reporting, Accounts Payable, Owner-Operator Payable, Equipment files and Financial Management Systems can be updated – instantly!

Every AXON application is completely integrated with every other AXON application

You’ll never again need to enter information from the same transaction twice. (You know that it is happening right now, dozens – or even hundreds – of times every day!) Your admin staff are wasting thousands of hours every year – through no fault of their own, simply because your software system and manual management systems aren’t doing their jobs properly!