Trucking Secret #2 – Integration

Real-Time Total Integration helps eliminate errors and saves you an unbelievable amount of time.

(This post is part of the 7 Secrets to Phenomenal Success in the Trucking Industry series)

Technology is supposed to save you time, right? So why is it that your best people are forced to enter the same information into your computer systems or ledgers, over and over again?

Your computer systems, right now, are sucking the life out of your company.

The most valuable and scarce resource of all

The most valuable and scarce resource of all

One of the biggest time-sucking, soul destroying wastes of energy in your business today is undoubtedly being created by your information management systems. Programs that, in-and-of themselves, might be perfectly fine. But unfortunately they just don’t talk to each other. Or when they do, it’s only on a very basic level. Some of the information from some programs can be posted or transferred to other applications. A sales order processed in your transportation module might be posted to your Accounts Receivable application when the order is completed. Or a summary of checks issued to your owner/operators may be transferred to your General Ledger program.

This is all well and good — as far as it goes. But this limited integration can only provide small benefits, and in fact, ends up creating huge bottlenecks in your administration. Bottlenecks that create frustrated, overworked staff, ticked-off drivers, lost sales, make your life miserable, and can lose you a ton of cash!

What if all your programs talked to each other, all the time?


Here is an example of how things could be:

It’s time to process invoices from your fuel supplier. You log onto their system and download the entire list of transactions into your system. With the click of one button in your system, all of these transactions are automatically entered in your Accounts Payable System. Your owner/operator files and company Equipment Statements are also updated instantly. Even your Fuel Tax System is instantly brought up to date!

Your Financial Statements will instantly reflect the change in your Accounts Payable and Owner/Operator Liability accounts. If the information you downloaded includes cash advances to company drivers, the driver pay information sent to Payroll will automatically reflect those amounts!

Just think about how much time you have saved so far! We are talking about hundreds — perhaps thousands of hours of error-prone, mind-numbing, soul-sucking data entry and cross checking every year!

Now it comes time to issue checks. When you automatically produce an owner/operator check, Total Integration means that the check will show up in your check register with all your Accounts Payable checks, manual checks — and even your Payroll checks!

ryanroarkIn terms of productivity we’ve got the same amount of people here, but we’ve doubled in size with Axon software… It’s definitely saved us a lot of time and money. To be quite honest, it makes our life easy. If we didn’t have it, we couldn’t operate.  — Ryan Roark, Kebo Transportation, Atlanta GA 



    • Fuel card expenses can be downloaded from most fuel card lock companies and directly imported into the Accounts Payable, Equipment Expense, and Fuel Tax systems with one click (saving you 2-3 hours of work every month, for every truck you operate).
    • IFTA Reporting is made easy. Now you’ll pay only what you owe, and you’ll significantly reduce the risk of audit assessments and penalties. If you’ve ever been audited, you know this will save you a bundle.
    • Equipment Reminders can be set up to automatically notify you when maintenance, licensing, inspections, and other important milestones come due. Now you don’t need to set up separate systems to flag these critical activities, and you can sleep well, knowing that some important functions in your business did not slip through the cracks. The Reminder Report gives you on-demand lists of actions required relating to your equipment, drivers, and owner/operators. This report is extremely useful in planning and budgeting maintenance and licensing, and can help you avoid huge fines.
    • Entering Orders — Imagine a system where you can enter all your trucking order information, billing information, picks or drops; add any additional chargers, assign your equipment, and generate an invoice all from one screen.

Axon does all of this and much, much more.

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