Trucking Secret #3 – Speed and Accuracy in Your Work

(This post is part of the 7 Secrets to Phenomenal Success in the Trucking Industry series)

Fast, accurate production of easy-to-understand driver settlements and owner/operator equipment statements makes for happier drivers and eliminates costly errors from over-payments and missed charge-backs. We’ve seen many, many cases where drivers or owner/operators have incurred large expenses that have been processed too late, or been missed entirely. Good luck collecting them if they have moved on to another company!

On the other hand, good drivers can feel they are being mistreated because of mistakes on their statements. Or because they are in a constant battle with your accounting department because they think mistakes have been made, or take too long to correct. When that happens they’ll be more likely to move on, and less likely to help you recruit more good drivers — costing you big-time in recruiting time and costs, training, and potentially lost business.

But it’s not fair to blame the office staff, is it? They’re already overworked, and the amount of paperwork seems to only be increasing, even as technology advances. Isn’t that strange? The work can sometimes be repetitive double and triple entry of the same data, and it’s only human nature to get a little sleepy and careless when faced with repetition. Every single place the data is entered and re-entered, there is a chance to make a simple key-entry error, which might be difficult to catch down the line.

Wouldn’t you think that by this day and age, your workplace should have systems in place to cut out the mindless repetitive tasks? To minimize the errors? Axon Software has been designed so that your staff can handle data with the speed and accuracy that a business in 2014 requires to stay competitive.

What if:

      • Your Accounts Payable expenses related to equipment, manual unit statement transactions, and recurring transactions were integrated to produce equipment statements? There would be no more manual paperwork for loans, holdbacks, licenses, or any other regular transactions you choose to enter. Wouldn’t this eliminate some potentially costly mistakes and a big chunk of wasted time?
      • Be quick and precise

        Be quick and precise

        Your system could automatically calculate owner/operator pay straight from the order and print it on an equipment statement? You could set up in advance the defaults for % of revenue pay, hourly/overtime, loaded and empty mile, flat rates, and so on. Unless you wanted to override the rate, the operator’s pay would be handled automatically, with no further work on your end.

      • The owner/operator check was set to print from the equipment statement automatically? What if the checks were automatically accessed by your Check Register and Bank Reconciliation Systems? This would save you tons of time and eliminate the chance of costly mistakes that can be made when re-entering the information to process your checks the old way.
      • Driver Settlements can be produced directly from the system, based on hours worked, and/or miles driven, rates of pay, extra items, and charge-backs or advances. All this information flows directly through dispatch. This drastically cuts down on the time you need to produce your settlements
      • Your system could automatically calculate the driver pay from the order. You could set up default pay rates by % of revenue, hourly/overtime/double time, flat rate, and loaded or empty miles. Say you owe a driver $250 for hauling a load. The amount will be automatically calculated from the rate you set up in the table, unless you override it. When the order is processed, the $250 will go to the driver’s account and be included in the Driver Settlement. Again, this saves time, eliminates mistakes, and keeps your drivers happy.
      • You had an integrated Payroll System. All transactions would be automatically processed at the end of the pay-period. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s error free. Even if you use a Payroll Administration company, a Driver Settlement system can save you hundreds of hours of preparation time every year.

This hardly scratches the surface of all the time-saving, error-reducing benefits that you can enjoy when you run your business on Axon Software.

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