PC Milers Route Planning
Enhance Route Planning & Asset Utilization
  • Generate accurate mileage results and drive times down to the last mile with address to address routing.
  • Select Practical, Shortest, or Fastest routing based on preferences for time and cost.
  • Make critical routing decisions with predictive and real-time traffic and weather conditions.
PC Milers Maximize Revenue
Maximize Revenue & Control Costs
  • Easily compare alternative route options by displaying the miles, drive times, and toll costs for each route in the same window.
  • Access live diesel fuel prices when searching for and routing to fuel stop POIs.
  • Reduce non-revenue mileage by pre-planning HOS breaks and stop locations.
PC Milers Improve ETAs
Improve ETAs & Ensure Compliance
  • Generate transit times and ETAs using predictive and real-time traffic data.
  • Set vehicle and routing profiles to keep drivers and assets safe on legal roads.
  • Input mandatory HOS break durations directly into the route plan.
PC Milers Route 32
PC*MILER® | 33

Operate on the industry standard to ensure optimal performance, profitability, and safety in every route you plan.

  • Define locations with truck entry and exit gates for improved last mile routing and directions.
  • Create, manage, and share custom location and route management content for operational consistency.
  • Generate realistic ETAs with Hours of Service stop durations and break locations in route plans.
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PC Millers Optimize Streets
PC*MILER® | Streets

Improve distance and drive time estimates down to the last mile.

  • Eliminate unknown miles and save time on the road.
  • Provide drivers with accurate turn-by-turn driving directions.
  • Incorporate over 8 million Points of Interest (POIs) including truck stops, weigh stations, and rest areas into the route plan.


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PC MIllers Optimize Tolls
PC*MILER® | Tolls

Calculate the true cost of a lane with toll fees itemized and tallied for each route.

  • Select cash or discount programs when generating costs of routes.
  • Generate precise toll costs based on a vehicle’s weight, dimensions, axle count, and trailer count, as well as day of week and time of day.
  • Determine the most effective trip plan for your business by comparing mileage reports and toll costs.


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PC Millers Routing Traffic
PC*MILER® | Traffic

Generate accurate transit times and ETAs using current and predictive traffic data, powered by INRIX®.

  • Improve asset utilization and ensure HOS compliance with precise drive times based on actual traffic congestion.
  • Visualize current traffic data directly on the map.
  • Select a day of week and time of day for predictive traffic conditions.


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PC Millers Routing through weather
PC*MILER® | Weather

Get proactive alerts when your route plans are scheduled to travel through impactful weather conditions.

  • Quickly identify weather conditions on the map with optional radar, cloud, and alert overlays.
  • Make critical decisions about routing drivers around hazardous areas.
  • Notify drivers and customers of potential delivery delays.


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PC MIllers Optimize HazMat
PC*MILER® | HazMat

Ensure compliance and keep assets safe on legal roads when hauling hazardous materials.

  • Plan in accordance with Department of Transportation, nationwide HazMat, and nationwide dangerous goods regulations.
  • Avoid fines by traveling on legal, HazMat compliant roads.
  • Reduce driver and public safety risks.


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PC Millers Optimize Energy
PC*MILER® | Energy

Calculate accurate travel times, mileage and distances to and from wells, well to well, or from public to private oil and gas lease roads when operating in the patch.

  • Plan routes using realistic road speeds on rural roads for accurate drive time and billing.
  • Use satellite imagery to view well heads, facilities, and other off-road data.
  • Plot and save custom latitude and longitude coordinates for precise routing to specific locations.


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PC Millers Routing Worldwide
PC*MILER® | Worldwide

Global routing, mileage, and driving directions in 240 countries around the world.

  • International map data from ALK Technologies and HERE® Data for generating distances, routes, and driving directions.
  • Consistent with the U.S. Department of Defense and General Services.
  • Administration distance compliance for approved freight rating and billing.


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PC Millers routing Spreadsheets
PC*MILER® | Spreadsheets

Access formulas and data within Microsoft® Excel® for fast calculations and customizable analysis.

  • Summarize and analyze your data, including price quotes, driver pay, lane analysis, and freight bill auditing.
  • Easily populate a mileage database without additional software programming effort.
  • Requires a base installation of PC MILER.


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PC MIllers routing BatchPro
PC*MILER® | BatchPro

Quickly calculate miles and cost estimates from large volumes of origin and destination pairs.

  • Enhance returned data by specifying routing type or incorporating toll and traffic data.
  • Pairs can be input as city/state, zip code, or latitudes/longitudes.
  • Requires a base installation of PC MILER.


PC Millers Routing Web

Generate routes, maps and driving directions online without the need to purchase, install or maintain computer software.

  • Integrate PC MILER Web Services for features and data within web-based third party applications.
  • Custom integration within web-based applications running on a variety of platforms and/or frameworks.
  • Access via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) using SOAP and RESTful standards.


PC Millers Routing Connect
PC*MILER® | Connect

Leverage your existing infrastructure by integrating our software locally or in a network server environment.

  • For use in an on-premise installation.
  • Interact with the PC MILER database through thread-safe Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and access the features of choice.
  • Requires a base installation of PC MILER.