Metro Transport Inc

IT’S MORE EFFICIENT. ALL MY BILLING IS DONE BY THURSDAY “Without Axon, I would have to say it wouldn’t be as efficient… With Axon, it allows me to get all my billing done by Thursday so it can go out on Friday. It has definitely been beneficial.” Continue reading “Metro Transport Inc”

Oculus Transport Ltd.

HIRED 1 ADMIN STAFF TO HANDLE 2 NEW BRANCHES “Since implementing Axon we’ve grown by 50% in number of trucks, and opened 2 new branches in Edmonton and Red Deer. We have 1 admin person we hired to handle both those branches… All the billing, all the invoicing, all the payables, all the payroll.” Continue reading “Oculus Transport Ltd.”

TNG Trucking

ADDING MORE TRUCKS WITH THE SAME STAFF? NO PROBLEM. “With Axon, if I did add 10 to 15 more trucks, I wouldn’t need any more people. I wouldn’t. The one I’ve got now could do it for sure, with Axon. No problem.” Continue reading “TNG Trucking”

Bizi Transport

TRIPLED IN SIZE WITH 3 ADMIN STAFF “We started with 20 trucks. We’re right now at 61 trucks, moving up to 75… With a total of 3 people for admin… Axon is trucking specific, and it’s easy to use.” Continue reading “Bizi Transport”

Precision Carriers

SAVING MONEY WITH A STREAMLINED OFFICE “Using everything Axon can offer, we were able to shuffle the workload within our staff, and basically knock 3 people down to 2 people in the office – saving upwards of $50,000-$70,000 a year.” Continue reading “Precision Carriers”