“Managing owner/operators was the biggest time-consuming job I had, and Axon Software reduced that task by about 80%.”

Diane Diane Unger
Manager / Bookkeeper
G. Tutt Transport Inc.
Chilliwack, BC V2R 3W8, Canada



G. Tutt Transport has been in business for 7 years. Since getting into Axon Software one year ago, they have restructured the company, grown 10%, and intend to grow even more. We spoke with Diane Unger about their Axon Software experience.

My name is Diane Unger and I work for G. Tutt Transport based out of Chilliwack, BC. My role here is management/bookkeeper. I’ve been with Tutt’s for almost seven years now, so I was with them in the beginning and as they grew.

Tell us about the company.

We’re a trucking company running anywhere from 40 to 45 trucks. Twenty of them are company and the rest are owner operators – we try to keep it half and half. We haul lumber, hay, and we’re into the grain market now. We travel right across Canada and into the States as well.

We started using Axon about a year ago in September.

Tell us your experience in dealing with Axon Software. 

Axon has proven to be an excellent program for us because it’s very efficient. Managing owner operators was the biggest time-consuming job I had, and Axon reduced that task by about 80%. When billing is entered, everything is applied to the owner operators.

There’s very little room for errors on their statements and if there was an error, you catch it right away because it’s just all right there in front of you. It’s fantastic.

If there are mistakes made in posting or in billing, it’s just so easy to catch. You never miss anything. “You attach receipts for everything to an owner operator. Your numbers are always lining up. It’s just great!

Problem-solving isn’t hard, and you always have somebody just a phone call away too.

Has Axon Software changed the way you do your driver settlements?

It’s a time saver. It simplifies everything. Payroll is easier. Our payroll is done by mileage. You’re not moving away from your computer to go find information. Everything you need is right there at your fingertips.

Has Axon Software sped up the way you do your invoicing?

Yes, that has changed a lot too. One of our AR girls was full-time, and billing was all she would do, but it has been cut in half for her now. She’s actually working part-time for us and part-time for another company now, in the same building. It’s changed everything. Everything is a time saver.

How has Axon Software effected the productivity in your office?

We haven’t changed a lot of staff, but we’ve grown the company and we’ve diversified everybody’s roles. So, it has saved in adding staff.

We haven’t let anyone go because of Axon. We’ve just increased or changed their roles in different areas, like the AR girl that I mentioned.

My role has changed. I used to have to oversee everybody’s jobs, but that’s very simple to do now. I used to just strictly do the bookkeeping part of it, and now I’m involved in the management team and business planning. It’s been good.

Have you increased your fleet since having Axon Software?

We have. We’re hoping to get up to around 50 trucks. When we started with Axon, I think we were at 36 or 37, so we’re increasing.

Obviously you pay for the software, but has it paid for itself?

Absolutely. I mean, we’re just one year into it and there’s still a lot we need to learn, but it has absolutely paid for itself. It saves us lots of money, as we’ve gotten bigger and we’ve restructured our company somewhat since going to Axon.

We’re more efficient than we have ever been and more on top of every task of the business. “Everything is being done correctly and efficiently since Axon.

And I expect, in a year or two from now, it’s going to be even better.

Tell us about the support you receive from Axon Software.

The support with Axon has been fantastic. I just contact them through my server here and they call me back right away. Usually it’s the same people I’m dealing with which is really great. They almost become friends over the phone, you know.

I get a phone call right away and if one person can’t help me, they will get another person right then and there on the phone with you. It’s great!

Describe how easy the software is to use.

It’s like ABC. At first when we went to look at Axon I thought, ‘Wow there’s so much there. How are we ever going to learn all this stuff?’ When you talk about it, it seems difficult. But when you sit down and you start using it, it’s just so fantastic.

It’s user-friendly. You can move from screen to screen. It’s not intimidating. You could teach it to anyone.

How would you describe the training?

The training was excellent. I can’t say enough about the training. In the beginning we just set up our times and we did it through the phone. We connected to each other and it was fast and good.

The transition from our old system to Axon was done very well, too. It was very easy all the way through.

If someone in the industry asked you about your experience with Axon Software, what would you have to say?

I’d say on a scale of one to ten, I would give Axon a ten. I would recommend it to anyone and tell them not to be intimidated, because it’s a pretty fantastic program.

Since having Axon Software, the company has grown by 10%. We haven’t increased our staff, but we do run more efficiently.

We’ve restructured because of Axon. With the reports, we can have a team meeting every month and look at what every truck is making –
if it is losing or gaining. We never had that at our fingertips prior to Axon. We’re just more hands-on in the company.