“In the same amount of time that it took to do 600 tickets, we’re doing 1,000 tickets. We’ve almost doubled sales and weekly tickets and have not increased staff at all. I think that only if we were to double our tickets again, would we have to add another person.”

Sharon Sharon Allender
Metro Transport Inc.
Brighton, MI 48116-4507, USA



When a company wants to grow, they need systems in place that they can count on. Metro Transport Inc. from Brighton is a perfect example of that. We stopped in for an interview with Sharon, to hear their story about how Axon Software helped them keep up, when sales and ticket numbers doubled in a short time.

I am Sharon Allender, the Accountant for Metro Transport Inc. We are located in Brighton, Michigan, and we haul sand and gravel.

Tell us about your experience with Axon Software.

We started using Axon last March. We went from an old-fashioned type of system to this one. I shouldn’t even talk about the old stuff – when we converted to Axon, it was like night and day from the system we had before. It’s more integrated. You can look things up a lot easier with Axon, and duplicating tickets really helps out with data entry.

What types of problems does Axon Software help you solve, compared to your old system?

Using Axon, we can email invoices to our customers. In the old system we could not do that. You can look up account information, then go right back to the screen you were on, which is very nice. In the old system we had to write down an invoice number, then go someplace else and look things up that way. Time consuming.

Ticket entry in axon is a lot easier, because you can use copy ticket. Sometimes a lot of our jobs are repetitive loads. We’ll do probably 800-1000 tickets in a week, so when we’re doing repetitive loads, we copy the ticket. It makes it a lot easier.

How do your drivers and owner operators like their statements?

They like it. It was a little different than what we had given them before, but everyone switched over and they don’t have a problem.

Do you use the reports much? What about the custom reports?

We do. We’ve called Axon and they’ll walk us through setting up a report, but we’ve been so busy we don’t have time to figure it out ourselves. The reports that Axon have set up for us are really helpful, because it gives us exactly the information we need.

Have things changed in the office since the switch to Axon Software?

We’ve gotten busier. We’ve hired outside brokers in addition to our company drivers. Our sales have more than doubled, and we’ve kept the same two people. If you look at how many tickets we do compared to last year and the year before, we’re doing a lot more.

In the same amount of time that it took to do 600 tickets, we’re doing 1,000 tickets in that time frame. We’ve almost doubled sales and weekly tickets and have not increased staff at all. I think that only if we were to double our tickets again, would we have to add another person.

Do you think Axon Software has paid for itself?

I think so, yes. I think Axon has really helped us keep our staff number down. If we were still using the old system, we would have definitely needed another full-time person with the addition of all the extra tickets.

Has Axon Software helped you improve or maintain customer relations?

It has given us flexibility. Some of our bigger customers might want a ticket just for the sand in, and then they want a ticket for the dirt out, all on the same job. In the old system, we would have to enter all the sand tickets, run an invoice, enter the dirt out, and run an invoice to get the totals.

With Axon we have the flexibility to change things, and give customers the answers they want on their invoice, without having to do the same thing for everybody.

How is the support and training you receive from Axon Software?

The support at Axon is really good. If you email them, they usually call you within a few minutes to take care of the problem. Our trainer was really good too. I guess we do things a little bit different than a lot of companies do, so she helped us tweak the training to work for the way we do things.

Overall, Axon has been a big improvement here. If we made a mistake in our old system, we had to wait a week for the IT person to come in and correct the mistake. With Axon, you have the option to delete things and re-enter them correctly if you want.

For bigger problems, all you have to do is call support and they can log right into your computer, look at the problem, tell you what we did wrong, and be done with the phone call in 10 or 15 minutes. To me, that is a big improvement form what we had before.

If someone in the industry asked about your experience with Axon Software, what would you say?

I would definitely say that it is very good software, because it’s really aimed at trucking. That’s the type of company that we are, and it has been very helpful.