SST Trucking

STREAMLINE THE OFFICE, GROW THE COMPANY “We had 6 trucks when we started with Axon, and now we are at 55 trucks… Where we are right now, we would need 2-3 more people in our office to do stuff that Axon has done. I think we can go up to 100 with the same staff.” Continue reading “SST Trucking”

Long Run Transportation

AXON INVOICING HAS MADE OUR LIFE EASIER “With Axon, we have been able to maintain our productivity, even with 1 less staff member… Axon has made our life easier with invoicing, especially with our flatbed industry. We can invoice out the very next day. Very use friendly.” Continue reading “Long Run Transportation”

Mihm Brothers Inc

DOUBLED FLEET, ADDED SIDE BUSINESSES, WITH NO INCREASE IN OFFICE STAFF “With Axon, since we started, we have almost doubled our fleet and we have not added any office staff to accommodate that… Including adding a whole station and shop repair business.” Continue reading “Mihm Brothers Inc”

IMT Transport

OVER 1000% GROWTH, WITH LOW OVERHEAD & MINIMAL ADMIN STAFF “When we implemented Axon, we were sitting somewhere between 15-20 trucks. As we’ve grown, up to around 200-250 trucks, we really haven’t had to put a focal point on our admin side because of how efficient Axon is. It has helped us keep our overhead low, which has helped us grow fast.” Continue reading “IMT Transport”