“How Axon handles the fuel tax is wonderful. It used to take me at least 2 or 3 days to get my fuel tax ready, and now I just generate a report. You can’t ask for better than that. I love it.”

Gayla Gayla Pierce
RP Trucking LLC,
Rush Springs, OK 73082, USA



A veteran with four and a half years of active service and six more years in the National Guard dispatching in the motor pool, Gayla Pierce started RP Trucking LLC in 2008 with her husband, Dave Pierce. Gayla spoke to us recently about their Axon Software experience.

My name is Gayla Pierce. My husband, Dave Pierce, and I own RP Trucking out of Rush Springs, Oklahoma, the watermelon capital of the world, population 1500 people.

Tell us about the company.

We’re a trucking company running anywhere from 40 to 45 trucks. Twenty of them are company and the rest are owner operators – we try to keep it half and half. We haul lumber, hay, and we’re into the grain market now. We travel right across Canada and into the States as well.

We started using Axon about a year ago in September.

Tell us your experience with Axon Software.

It has been amazing. We went from 18 trucks to 51 trucks and I haven’t had to increase any staff here. The fact that I haven’t had to increase staff and that it’s actually streamlined my business … I’m thrilled; I’m very thrilled.

The reminder reports are wonderful. It keeps me on top of where my trucks are, and my orders, and my loads. It has been wonderful for me, especially on financials. I can get up-to-date financials really quickly.

What type of problems has Axon Software helped you solve?

When things like the 2290s, annual inspections, driver’s licenses, medical cards are due, Axon reminds me. It also helps with my safety because with the new CSA, you got to stay on top of your safety scores. So now every time they get a roadside inspection, I immediately put it under the employee.

I can keep a good record of who is a problem and who’s not, so that I can keep on top of my safety. I love that aspect of it.

How Axon handles the fuel tax is wonderful. It used to take me at least two or three days to get my fuel tax ready, and now I just generate a report. You can’t ask for better than that. I love it.

I used to outsource that to an outside bookkeeping company to take care of, and I’d still have two or three days where I was getting all the data for them to do it. Now I just run the report, so I love it.

It’s very easy to download the fuel bills. I’ve got one person that downloads them, but anyone here could learn it. Axon is very user-friendly, and I am very happy with that. It’s so user-friendly that a child can do it.

Do you think Axon Software has helped you retain drivers?

One of the things about being a small company is that you’ve got to have something that the other companies don’t have. Having a running tally of their bookkeeping helps. I can say, ‘Look, this is what I’ve got, and this is what I can offer you,’ and they’ve got it. All they have to do is worry about operating their truck and I can provide a settlement for them that they can take straight to their bookkeeper.

They love it because they see everything. That’s a good selling point to retain owner operators and company drivers.

How do you like the revenue report?

Oh, I love it. After every pay, on the 10th and the 25th, I go ahead and run an equipment revenue report. I can see exactly where those trucks are at, how much they’re making, and what their target rates should be. It’s a very useful tool.

In the old days I used QuickBooks® and Excel spreadsheets – you should have seen all the different systems I used just to figure out how much I was making off this one truck or this one owner.

Now I can just run a report any time I feel the need or any time I think there might be a problem.

Have the Axon Software reports helped you manage your company?

It’s how I run the company now. I know when I need to adjust rates now, because there is so much data. I can look at it and say I’m not making enough profit off this load, so I can immediately adjust my rates and go to my customer with my data.

I don’t have any problem with bringing my Axon reports straight to my customer and saying, ‘Look, this is how many miles we’re actually doing, you may bump us and deadhead us down to Houston and take a 20-mile run, and then you’re deadheading us back here. This is what my report says, and this is what I’m going to have to make.’ They understand it. It is user-friendly so I can get my rates adjusted accordingly because of it.

Without Axon Software, how many more staff would you have needed to increase your fleet as much as you did?

It would be a madhouse for sure, but at least four or five. It would be crazy trying to train that many people in a short amount of time. I would have actually stopped people from coming to work until we could get more in line, because there’s no way I could have kept up to that much paperwork.

Axon has saved us at least 200 grand in salaries alone, and that’s without the benefits.

How many more trucks can you add with your current staff?

As many as I want! I might have to increase by one more invoice clerk just because of the amount of invoicing, but for everything else I don’t see a problem.

What is your overall impression of Axon Software’s return on investment?

I don’t even know how to put a number to that. I mean, I had Excel spreadsheets coming out of my ears! Now I don’t have any spreadsheets, and I don’t even know how to put a number to that.

Axon has returned me a hundredfold in cost savings, just in the headache of running the company, but I don’t really know how to word it. There were a lot of programs out there that were available to us. I interviewed a lot and put in a lot of time and effort because to train this many people was going to be a major endeavor. With Axon’s help, I was able to convert, and I would never go back. It has increased our productivity and our future.

Has Axon Software helped you with customer relations?

Everything is at my fingertips. They can ask me what that load from Pasadena to Midland cost and I can go back and say, ‘Well, I charged you this, back on this date.’ Before, I’d have to go through boxes and pull up an old invoice, or I’d try to find it in QuickBooks® somewhere. Now I can just pull it up instantly.

The rate tables are very easy to use; I can pull their rate sheets with just a couple key strokes. I’m not having to go from spreadsheet to spreadsheet to see what this customer’s rate is compared to that one and it has helped a lot.

If one of your peers from the industry asked you about your experience with Axon Software, what would you say?

I would tell them that they were dumb if they didn’t start it a lot sooner. I wish I had started it right from the get-go.

Thanks to Axon, I haven’t had to increase my staff at all. I have had no additional overhead expenses other than the cost of the software program itself, and there have been no in-house problems.

I haven’t had to increase any staff since moving from 18 to 51 trucks – no additional salaries, no additional payroll problems, nobody needing to get out on medical or having any sickness or illness – it doesn’t impact our company at all.

Without Axon’s help there is no way I could have had such a big surge all at the same time. It would have been a slow, gradual process, but because of Axon I can grow as fast and as much as I want to, because it is no additional work on our end.