ACE Manifest Interface

Axon’s software can be fully integrated with the US Customs and Border Protection’s ACE Manifest system for trucks crossing the border.

ACE E-Manifest Screen


Your first step is to request ACE ID’s for drivers, crew members, owner operators, tractors, and trailers that do not already have a FAST number. Axon’s ACE Manifest interface provides you with a screen outlining the information required so that you can submit your requests electronically. The software then tracks the status of your request and provides a button so that you can resend your request if you do not receive a response within 24 hours.

CBP Codes

Axon’s software provides you with lists of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) codes for package types, border codes, Schedule K, and UN Dangerous Goods. Because these lists are long, you mark the codes you use as Active so you have fewer choices to deal with.

Testing and Production

The CBP will want you to test your ACE setup before you start using it. The software provides you with both Trial and Production modes of operation to help you with this process.

Manifest Report

You can print a paper copy of the manifest for the driver to take with him on the road. The report has been formatted according to CBP guidelines.

The ACE interface also helps you to revise and resubmit a manifest or to send an electronic message to CBP notifying them that the truck will no longer be crossing the border.

History Report

You can review both past and current manifests using the ACE Manifest History Report, selecting the information you wish to print based on a variety of fields. For example, the report allows you to review manifests for a particular tractor or a particular estimated arrival time.

Purchase ACE Interface

The ACE interface is an add-on to Axon’s standard software package. If you are interested in adding the module to your system, contact your Axon Sales Rep. at 1-800-567-8385.

Axon’s ACI eManifest Application is Ready to Roll
If you are moving loads into Canada you need to be aware of the Canadian border ACI eManifest requirements. The ACI eManifest is similar to the current ACE eManifest that is required by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) when transporting into the United States.