ACI Manifest – Shipping Goods Across the Border to Canada

Have you signed up to use the Canadian Advance Commercial Information Program (ACI Manifests) that provides electronic pre-arrival information for shipments to Canada from the United States?

ACI Interface Screen

ACI Manifests

  • Orders are assigned to an ACI emanifest. You will also enter the Equipment, the Crew Members, and the Estimated Arrival time.
  • The Manifest displays the Status of your manifest— Pending, Waiting for CBSA (Canadian Border Services Agency) Response, Failure, or Success.
  • If you make changes or additions to a manifest that has already been sent, you can modify the manifest and resubmit it.
  • You can also print a paper copy of the manifest to be sent with the driver.

ACI Messages

The ACI Messages screen displays all the ACI manifests that have been submitted and the corresponding responses. You can also receive an email message or a pop-up message on your screen to notify you of new ACI messages.

ACI History Report

You can review both past and current manifests with the History Report. Just choose the information you want to print based on a variety of fields. For example, you can review the manifests for a particular tractor or for a particular date.

More ACI information from CBSA – Canada Border Sevices Agency

Axon’s ACE Application for Shipments going into the USA