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VIN Allocation Notices

Auto Transport is a specialized business, and there are a lot of different pieces of information that you need to track and record. Axon Auto Transport Applications have the features you need to run your business efficiently.

Listed below are a few of the features of Axon’s Software that are built specifically for Auto Hauling companies. These features are available in addition to the many features already included in the Axon Trucking Software package.

Vehicle Rates

You can set up your vehicle rates for different Origins, Destinations, and Commodities on the Vehicle Rate Tables screen. Each rate can be linked to a specific customer so that they fill in by default on customer Orders.


The Dealers screen lists all your dealers. Creating a Business Partner record for your Dealers ensures that your records are fully integrated – from creating the Order to sending the Invoice to receiving payment.VIN

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Allocation Notices

There are two VIN Allocation Notices screens. One provides a record of all the notices that you have received via EDI. You can use the other screen to Dealer Recordsmanually enter notices that have not been imported using EDI.

EDI customers can use VIN Decoding to break down the information in the VIN so that the Make, Model, and Year fill in automatically. Click the weight button to fill in vehicle weights.

Axon’s Auto Transport Software is fully integrated. Your VIN Allocation Notices are integrated with your Orders, your Business Partners, your Invoices, and ACE/ACI.


There’s one-stop shopping on the Orders screen. You can send a Shipment Status to your Dealers, update Vehicle Rates, add Activities, or link Other Charges to a VIN – all without leaving the Orders screen. If you are moving a vehicle between multiple locations, you can attach the VIN to more than one order.

EDI Integration

EDI Applications are available for many Auto Manufacturers & Railroad Yards, the Manufacturer EDI’s include the ability for the Auto Transporter to pass Vehicle Inspection information back to their clients. EDI is a complex and constantly changing application, for more information call sales directly at 1-800-567-8385 or request a demo of Axon’s capabilities.

Invoice Audit Report

Once you’ve invoiced all your VINs, you can review the status of your Invoices and make sure that all the individual line items have been accepted by running the Invoice Audit Report.

How To Impress Your Toughest Customers

Ten-year old Continental Transport Inc., operates approximately 80 power units hauling cars and trucks. Accounting Manager Karen Drone spoke to us about Axon.

“I’m a big supporter of Axon because of the service that we have received. When I first started here, there were a lot of things in this software that I was not familiar with. Everyone was really helpful. We had some messes that really needed to be cleaned up, and the support was incredible in making that happen. I’ve gotten to work with the programming staff on the EDI because all of that is new for us, and it’s been incredible.”

“Part of us getting the new Volkswagen line was that we had to have software that was compatible with theirs. We were actually going to stop using Axon and go with another software provider because we were basically told that’s what we had to do – that nobody else could do what the other software provider could do.”

“I made a call, ‘Is there any chance that Axon can do this for us?’ And they jumped on the opportunity and said, ‘Yes, we can handle that.’ It saved us so much money and such a nightmare in trying to do a conversion to a different software. “Axon saved us a lot of grief. … We have been able to impress them.”
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