Utilize auto hauler software to set up your vehicle rates for different origins, destinations and commodities on the vehicle rate tables screen. Each rate can be linked to a specific customer so that they fill in by default on customer orders saving you time.
  • Fully Integrated – Dealer screen list, business partner records, order creation to sending the invoice to receive payment.
  • Multiple VIN Allocation Notices – One provides a record of all the notices that you have received via EDI, or you can manually enter notices that have not been imported using EDI.
  • Advance Your Company – Customers can use VIN decoding to break down the information in the VIN so that the make, model and year fill in automatically, communicate with auto manufactures and railroad yards, and also fill vehicle weights using the weight button.
Every company is unique that’s why Axon Software has built-in user-friendly car hauling software features that are specifically designed to meet the complex needs of your business to increase profitability.
  • Increase Order Processing – One entry integrates everywhere, greatly reducing clerical entries and errors caused by inaccurate billing, driver pay and fuel costs.
  • Customer Satisfaction – You and your customers can see real-time notifications and alerts of order status and completion by using a secure online web access portal.
  • Speed & Accuracy – Our auto carrier software fully integrates your VIN allocation notices with your orders, business partners, invoices and ACE/ACI Manifests.
Eliminate those inefficient white board methods causing sever driver downtime and communication delays with Axon Software’s color-coded auto transport dispatch software.
  • Streamline Shipment Status – Send a shipment status directly to your dealer, update vehicle rates, add activities, or link other charges to a VIN all without leaving the screen.
  • Vehicle Relocation – If you’re moving vehicles between multiple locations you can attach the VIN to more than one order, added information will automatically translate back to every application including dispatch.
  • Custom Reporting – Stay informed once you’ve invoiced all your VINs, you can review the status of your invoices and make sure that all the individual line items have been accepted by running the invoice audit report.