Oilfield Trucking Software

Cut Your Costs & Quadruple Your Productivity

Business is booming in the oil and gas sector, bringing with it cutthroat competition for well servicing, pneumatic trucking, frac sand, water hauling, vacuum trucks, rig and crane movers. Axon Software has specially developed and tailored its real-time oil and gas software to meet the complex trucking needs of oil and gas accounting, giving you the edge in an increasingly competitive market.


“We quadrupled what we did last year.”
“I would have needed at least 4 more staff members to process that kind of paperwork, but with Axon we haven’t had to hire anyone.”

– Jennifer Archer, Co-owner • G & J Heavy Haul, California

Increase Driver Retention & Reduce Staff Fatigue

Increase Driver Retention & Reduce Staff Fatigue

With software for oil and gas industry that completely integrates dispatch, billing, driver pay, fuel management, fleet maintenance and field ticket software in real-time with a centralized single point entry system.

  • Triple your ticket entries – With a single oil gas software system and greatly reduce clerical errors and costly mistakes.
  • Organize large projects – Track bids, equipment, materials and profit or loss statements.
  • Increase cash flow – By customizing invoices and billing individual or group tickets faster with integrated billing.


Speed Up Invoicing & Get Paid Faster

Using integrated billing and EDI interfaces like ADP Open Invoice, Cortex and Oildex.

  • Reduce time consuming and stressful driver pay – With fully integrated payroll, ACH direct deposit and trucking accounting software.
  • Eliminate lost revenue – Reduce lost tickets and profit related to slow and inaccurate billing processes.
  • Save more time – With oil and gas data management software that automates fuel download imports and expenses with payables invoices.


Speed Up Invoicing & Get Paid Faster
Faster & Easier At A Glance

Faster & Easier At A Glance

Customized visual ticket dispatch and fleet management software help you map and track assets to streamline communication and work schedules.

  • Increase customer satisfaction – Optimize equipment, drivers and third-party contractors assigned to tickets and projects while capturing signatures, attachments and POD in real-time.
  • Mobile link – Send, receive, copy and edit tickets and templates from your dispatch office to drivers in the field using Axon Truck Link Mobile App.
  • Streamline fleet maintenance software – Increase cost controls, shop efficiency and preventative maintenance to improve fleet profitability and performance.


“We were doing things 2 or 3 times. It was going around the office from dispatch to invoicing to bookkeeping, and it was being done not only in the computer but also on paper
Axon has eliminated steps. It gets put in from dispatch and flows through the rest of the system. It has saved a huge amount of time. Not only that, it flows into the accounting side, so entries don’t have to be done again.”

– Glen Lipsett, Owner • Lipsett Cartage Ltd, Saskatchewan

“I used to spend 4 days a week invoicing and now I can do it all in a day and a half with Axon… We haven’t had to increase our office staff. It is just really efficient. I could do it all myself if I had to. (I’d rather not, but I could)”

– Linda Ashe, Management • Glen McLeod & Son Ltd, Manitoba

“We have increased our fleet by 4 times and only had to add 1 person. If we were to double in size again, we might have to hire 1 more person.”

– Venci Mudrov, President • Bondars Logistics LLC, California