Axon Software – A Seamless Web of Help and Support

Are you thinking about investing in Axon Software? You may be a little nervous. It’s a big investment and your staff may not be sure that they will be able to understand the new software and still keep up with their regular work. Your fears are unnecessary. Axon will provide you with advice and support at every step in the process.

Client Services

Axon Support

Axon staff work as a team. From the minute you phone Axon to request a demo, you will be in good hands. The Client Services staff are all experienced and have a good understanding of how the software works. Even more importantly, they understand the needs of trucking companies and they will conduct an analysis to make sure they understand your particular needs and your preferred ways of work. They will be able to tell you how Axon can increase your productivity and will recommend the software package that is best suited to your needs.


When you decide to purchase Axon’s integrated trucking and accounting software, your Client Services rep will meet with the trainers and the support staff to provide them with a clear picture of your company and its standard operating practices.

Then, Axon’s trainers will go online with your staff and will talk them through the new software. They will help you transfer from your old system to the new one and you will have the opportunity to train on your own equipment using your own data.

Support Team

Axon’s support is far superior to the support offered by other software companies. Your Support Team will not only help you sort out a problem, but will suggest ways in which you could operate more effectively and will provide step-by-step directions if you aren’t clear on how to use the system.


Operating behind the scenes but in close collaboration with the sales, training, and support staff are the programmers. Your questions and requests are fed to the programmers and they are constantly at work to improve the system and make it more responsive to your current needs.

jake-new-hopeWe don’t ever have situations where our system crashes, like other programs… Your support team has been there to help us throughout. When we phone to find out if they can help us, we always have an answer or they work on it right away and phone us back. – Jake Peters, New Hope Transport Click For Video

Additional Training

Training continues to be available once you’re established on Axon software. Axon can provide training for new staff or for senior management who want to learn more about preparing financial reports and using management tools such as the Executive Briefing and Custom Reports. Axon also provides training when you purchase a new Axon application such as Work Orders or Payroll. And trainers will help you to learn advanced techniques to make sure you’re getting the full benefits of your system.

Continuous Updates

Some software programs never change, or they only provide an update once or twice a year… Not Axon. The programmers are constantly responding to customer requests and industry needs by improving the program. It may be a small tweak to make the program run more smoothly, a new option that a customer has requested, or new features so that you can customize the program to meet your needs.

Your program is updated overnight, several times a week. Axon will send you a message outlining the new features.

Documentation: Help!

Accessible from any screen in Axon, Help is set up in five sections:

  • Concepts explain basic terminology for people who are new to trucking or accounting (e.g. FIFO to explain the costing of inventory items)
  • Reference provides screen-by-screen information about things to remember, things to avoid and links to other screens
  • How do I? give step-by-step instructions on how to carry out a specific procedure (e.g. How do I import fuel downloads?)
  • Tips are shortcuts to help you work more quickly and efficiently (e.g. navigation tips for Dispatching)
  • Troubleshooting is designed to help you solve a problem (e.g. Why doesn’t my foreign bank account balance match my actual bank balance?)

New and experienced users alike may find the help to be extremely… helpful!

Shelley, Gary Graham TransportAxon is extremely easy to use. It’s very user friendly. There’s not a lot of mistakes that you can make that can’t be undone with a simple call to tech support, and we have utilized that more than once, you know, to get us out of a little bit of a jam. It’s great. Shelley Ingold, Gary Graham Transport Ltd. Click For Video


If you are a small company, it might be tough to manage and maintain the computer hardware. Axon can help by providing a server to run the software on a short-term or long-term basis.

What do you do when you go into work one morning and your computer isn’t working?

Well, you’ll immediately phone your hardware technician, but if the repairs are going to take some time, call Axon. We can run your program for you so that your dispatchers and accounting clerks continue to have access to their files.

Axon also provides its own email forwarding service to ensure that there are no glitches when you send an email from its program.

Computers can and do fail. It’s vital to your business to have an up-to-date backup available at all times so that you can restore your software and data files if the system breaks down. In addition, Axon takes a snapshot of your database twice a day to help you to create your backups.

Axon also monitors your status every night to make sure that everything is working properly.

Invest in Axon Software Today

Axon’s staff are as fully integrated as their software. They’ll work together to make your transition to the new software as painless as possible.

So don’t delay. Take a step towards greater efficiency — Today.