Business Partners at a Glance

Every day, we interact with many different people. We rely on rolodex and address books to keep an up-to-date list of all our contacts and business partners, but that isn’t always adequate. We need a complete record of all our interactions with a company — from payment requests to insurance arrangements to fuel surcharge rates.

  • Can you remember the names of all your customers and the dates of their most recent transactions?
  • When you’re assigning a driver to an order, do you need to make sure he has the necessary qualifications (e.g. Site Orientation)?
  • Would you like a reminder when a customer exceeds their credit limit or when a carrier needs to renew their insurance coverage?

Axon’s Business Partners screen allows you to record a wide variety of information about all the companies that you do business with, including customers, suppliers, owner operators, and customs brokers. You can record so much more than simply addresses and phone numbers.

The best part of this program from my perspective is the Business Partners component. I was using ACT before, and it was good. But this Business Partner feature is awesome! In terms of saving time and being organised, the Business Partners system itself has helped us immensely.” – Randy Veinotte, Harland Veinotte Ltd.

Axon’s Business Partners screen also incorporates:

  • Maximum credit limits for individual customers
  • Individualized freight surcharge rates, freight rates, and taxes for each business
  • Contacts by your staff with a business (e.g. collection calls, calls to order supplies)
  • Direct deposit information
  • Scanned copies of documents and photographs related to a particular business partner
  • Default rates for picks and drops, and other charges

In addition, the information is linked to all the other parts of Axon’s trucking and accounting software:

  • Default pay rates will fill in automatically when you go to pay a driver, carrier or owner operator
  • Default fuel surcharge percentage rates for a particular customer will be applied on all their orders
  • Insurance policy information serves as the basis for expiry reminders
  • One business partner can be set up for multiple roles (e.g. customer and supplier)
  • You can review a statistical snapshot of all your transactions with a business partner during your company’s past fiscal year


Terry Caron TransportAxon has a very good business partners system. Before, we didn’t have the ability to centralize all of our customer contacts and phone numbers. Everyone had their own little booklet or card folder with their contacts. But what happens with Axon is it centralizes it all. It’s a common database; the salesmen can use it; the accounts receivable people can use it; and the dispatchers can use it. It just puts all the names in one central location and allows access from all of our terminals right across western Canada. – Terry Caron, Caron Transportation Systems Click For Video

Axon stores all the relevant information about each of your business contacts in one place. This saves you time and eliminates the chance of errors. And it provides you with a complete record of all the pertinent information for each of your business contacts.