Calendar Events

There are so many appointments and events to remember every day – equipment inspections, oil changes, holidays, on-site appointments, work schedules. And that’s before we even get to your orders, trips, and tickets. There’s no way you can memorize all those times and dates. But with Axon’s Calendar, you’ll have no problem keeping track of upcoming events. The information can also be shared with other staff members on a need-to-know basis.

The Axon Calendar is integrated with your Employee, Equipment, Business Partner, and Trucking records, so you only have to enter the information once, and it will be transferred to your Calendar. For example, if you’ve entered Unavailable Dates for some of your drivers, that information can be displayed on the Calendar.

You have a choice of what information you want to include. You can choose to display all your Orders or only your Overdue Orders, all your Reminders or only your Tractor and Trailer Reminders.

Axon Calendar

The most common event categories have already been set up, but you can add some of your own as well. You may want to track weekend shift workers or contract expiry dates. You can enter company events, such as staff parties.

The Calendar screen is very flexible. You can zoom in to view a particular week, scroll backwards to view past weeks, or click on the + More link to view all the events on a specific day. If you’re looking for a particular event, you can use the Search box.

You’ll find the Calendar in the Business, Trucking, Tickets, Jobs, Payroll, and Work Orders applications.