Custom Fields

Axon works closely with current and potential customers to ensure that Axon trucking software meets the day-to-day needs of American and Canadian trucking companies. Axon tries to ensure that the screens are easy to use and that they contain the information you need.

Custom Fields

However, every company has unique, individual needs. So Axon has made it easy for you to create your own custom fields in order to record and track information that is important to you.

All the major screens that you use on a daily basis — Orders, Invoices, Business Partners, Equipment, Employees, Tickets, and Work Orders — include a Custom tab that allows you to create your own fields. You choose the type of field you want to create (checkmark, text, number, or date) and then give it a name.

You can create an extra field on invoices to record multiple bill of lading numbers. You can document the history of a piece of equipment by itemizing incidents and repairs. Or you can record your employees’ credit card numbers.

It’s your choice — if an additional field will help you to do your work more efficiently, then create it.