Design Your Own Custom Reports

Reports are an essential part of your business. You need reports to tell you what invoices are outstanding, the details on all your equipment, and your profit margin.

Custom Equipment Revenue ReportAll of our companies have slightly different reporting needs. Company A may not want to report its revenue or prepare its bill of lading in exactly the same format as Company B. Axon sets up standardized reports so that they are ready to use. But, on some reports, they turn it over to you and give you the option of customizing it.

On the Equipment Revenue summary report, you can select which columns you want to include. And your options include all your equipment statement categories, the standard Axon report columns, and any new column headings created in the Equipment Revenue Report Categories. Creating your own column headings gives you the option of grouping several equipment statement categories under the same heading.

You can select which fields you want to include on your Trip Manifests and set up empty columns for drivers to record their comments. When you show your Other Charges on your Trip Manifest or Bill of Lading, Axon helps you to choose your column headings. For example, you may want to include both a description and a quantity for each of your Other Charges.

Of course, you also have the option of setting up a completely individual report using Reporter. Just choose Global >> Reporter at the bottom of any form screen.

The Custom Reports tool allows you to prepare reports based on information which you select and sort. The options are limitless and you can design a report to meet your company’s particular needs.

Once the report is created, you don’t want to lose it because you’ll want to use it again — next month or next year. So Axon automatically lists your saved reports in the Reporter Reports section of each module of the program along with reports that Axon supplies for you to use.

Increase Productivity with Preset Reports

Have you ever spent a lot of time selecting just the right options to ensure that a report will give you exactly the information you are looking for? You know that you’ll want to use this report over and over again – will you have to repeat all that preparatory work?

No! Because Axon gives you the tools to set up a report with a specific set of options and save it to use again at another time.

You can use the Presets button at the top of most Axon report screens to save a set of report options under a name you choose. These saved options are then listed on the pull down menu so that you can use them again in the future.

In addition, you have the option of importing or exporting your report settings. You can import a report set up for you by Axon’s support staff or you can export a report you have prepared to your company’s other offices.

Drilling Down to the Details

Reports provide an overview of a great deal of information. But sometimes you want to be able to refer back to the original transaction or the source document. You can do just that with many Axon reports.

Receivable report

Let’s use the Receivable Report as an example. First of all, choose the appropriate report options. You want a detail report, but you only want it to include your outstanding invoices and transactions for the past month.
Custom Reports Orders


Now you’re ready to preview the report. If you’d like to see more detail about one of the invoices, move your mouse over the Invoice#.

A dashed box will appear, indicating that you can drill down on this value. Double clicking on the dashed box will pull up the original Invoice.

You can drill down from many of the report Preview screens. Just move your mouse over the report columns to check for the dashed box. This is a convenient way to make corrections or fill in additional information on the source document.

Print, save, email, or export

Once you’ve reviewed the report, you can immediately dispatch it by choosing the Print, PDF (Save to File, Email as Attachment), and Export buttons at the bottom of the Preview screen.

There’s no time wasted flipping back and forth between screens. All the information is available with a click or two of your mouse.
Be sure to check out Axon’s custom report options. They will make it easy for you to compile and review your financial and trucking information.