Custom Tabs

We all need to store information, and yet, we all want to store different pieces of information. So it’s difficult for one software package to meet everyone’s needs. But Axon tries.

Custom tabs on all the major screens (Orders, Employees, Equipment, Business Partners, Tickets, Jobs, Work Orders, Purchase Orders) provide you with the ideal space in which to store additional reference information that does not fit into the existing fields. You set up your own fields (number, date, or text) and your own field names. Then Axon stores your information, and it’s available to run reports.

You can include your customized Orders fields when you are printing Trip Manifests, Order Confirmations, and Bills of Lading.

In addition, the Reporter tool allows you to prepare reports based on information which you select and sort, including the fields you have set up on the custom tabs.

Here are some examples of ways in which you can use the custom tabs:


You can use the custom tab on Orders to list directions to a particular pick or drop. Or you can use it to record hazmat loads, or special shipping instructions.


The Employees custom tab is a good place to record safety bonuses, telephone card details, or driving record information.


Many customers use this custom tab to record information about accidents involving their equipment (date, repair costs, preventable/not preventable).

Oil Field

Oil field customers use the Tickets custom tab to record start and finish times, and to track the cubic meters of product that they’re hauling.