Dispatching: Three Convenient Options

Dispatching is at the heart of your business, enabling you to track your transactions quickly and accurately. Axon provides you with three different screen options to make the task as straightforward as possible.

There’s just so much detail in the dispatch program – you always have the information right at your fingertips.  Brad Graham, Gary Graham Transport Click For Video

Dispatch Ribbon InterfaceDispatching
You can assign equipment, drivers, and carriers directly from the Dispatching screen. Half the screen can be used to display your orders or tickets, while the other half can list your equipment or drivers. Using the timeline, you can check to see what needs to be shipped on any particular date and assign a tractor or carrier.

Dispatching – Full Screen
Dispatching – Full Screen provides a full-screen overview of your trucking transactions. Some of Axon’s customers have installed a large LCD monitor on the wall of their office so that everyone can view up-to-the-minute information about the status of their transactions.

Map Orders and Equipment
Map Orders and Equipment provides a visual overview of the last location of all your Orders and Equipment. Click on a destination, and a pop-up window displays the consignee’s name and address. Hover your mouse over the origin of an order, and the destination symbol will start bouncing. You can also map the route between the two points.

Axon has a lot more features that the dispatchers are able to have access to. For instance, when you’re putting in a load for a customer, if they’re $10,000 over their credit limit or they haven’t been paying in six to eight months, the dispatcher sees that before they book that load, and says, ‘Hey, we really can’t do any more business with you because you haven’t paid your bill in six months.’ Corina Roth, Tempo Transport Inc.

Tips For Axon Dispatch Software Users

Dispatch software is absolutely critical to your company’s operations and, with Axon, it’s easy and efficient.

Troy Stimson Timeline LogisticsAxon is better than anything else I have used. I’ve used other dispatch programs and other enterprise programs, and there is nothing that compares to Axon.Troy Stimson, TimeLine Logistics Click For Video

Follow the mouse

Using your mouse, you have a tremendous number of options — all you have to do is click!

  • Access an Order/Trip from Orders/Trips Against Time by double clicking on it
  • Access Tractor/Trailer/Employee information by double clicking on its Name
  • Access an Order, a New Order, Equipment/Driver or Customize the Columns by right clicking on the All Orders screen
  • Access Driver Call-Ins by right clicking on Tractors and Employees (on the left side)
  • Access Tractor Routing information by double clicking on a Location name in the Tractors tab

Time travel

It’s easy to view different time frames. The scroll bars at either end of the timeline in the middle of your screen let you move forward and backward in time. You can also use the Go To and Today buttons at the bottom of the screen to “jump” to a specific date.

Viewing Options

The split Truck Dispatch Software screen works well when you are entering Orders, Trips, Jobs, or Tickets as you can view and choose the available Equipment and Drivers. On the other hand, if you want an overview of all your transactions, the Dispatch – Full Screen may be your preferred option. The Full Screen option now includes Orders, Trips, Tickets, and Jobs.


You can customize the information that will be displayed on your dispatch software screens on the Setup Options >> Customization tab for Trucking, Jobs, and Tickets. If you want to know if you have Attachments on your Orders or Trips, choose Has Attachments? as one of the Dispatching >> All Orders/All Trips Columns.