Driver Pay & Owner Operator Settlements

Axon provides you with three different ways to pay your truck drivers, depending on their position with the company.

  • Company Drivers - Axon's Payroll module allows you to set up all the standard recurring transactions (earnings, wages, deductions and/or benefits) for your company drivers and office employees. In addition, the Transactions screen allows you to enter payroll information for hourly workers or transactions which occur on an irregular basis. Once you have finalized the Driver Settlement, all the transactions will be transferred to Payroll and will appear on the next payroll run.
  • Owner Operator Settlements - Owner Operator Settlements will show up on the Equipment Statement. They will receive one check even if they own multiple pieces of equipment, but they can receive separate checks in different currencies if so required.
  • Carriers - Carriers are paid using the Payables Invoices. Using the Match to Carrier Invoice button on the Invoice screen helps you to quickly display any carrier charges that were entered on an order or trip.

Paying your Owner Operators can be complicated. Some of them own multiple pieces of Equipment while others have transactions in both US and Canadian funds.

Axon provides you with setup options to help you respond to each situation.

...the guys have a better statement - it has far more detail than what I ever typed out on the statements way back when. And they seem to be quite satisfied with how easy the statements are to understand. They just provide a great deal more information than what they had previous to the Axon program. - Arlynn Sleeman, Dan Meaney Trucking Ltd.

Multiple Pieces of Equipment

Axon offers you three different options for paying Owner Operators who operate several pieces of equipment. You can give them:

  • Separate checks for each piece of equipment.
  • One combined check that does not include any negative amounts (negative amounts remain in arrears for the individual piece(s) of equipment and are carried forward to the next Equipment Statement).
  • One combined check with any negative amounts deducted from the total.

Multiple Currencies

Axon gives you a choice of converting Equipment Statements in US and Canadian funds to a common currency or of providing the Owner Operator with separate checks in the two currencies.

You can set a common default for all your Owner Operators or make individual choices for each piece of equipment.

If an Owner Operator receives Equipment Statements in both US and Canadian dollars, you can choose to convert the balance owing in order to apply the surplus on one Statement to the deficit on another.