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Axon has been designing software solutions to make the working lives of business owners and office staff easier, and more productive while putting money on your bottom line since 1982.

  • Slashing the amount of labour involved in processing information. No other software can even come close to saving you as much time as Axon. This gives management tremendous control and decision-making power and frees up your staff from tedious, mindless tasks so they can work on helping you build your business.
  • Reducing costly mistakes. Billing and driver pay errors cost many companies tens of thousands of dollars every year. Axon helps eliminate those losses.
  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction. Instant access to real-time information and easy to use reporting systems means you never have to keep your customers waiting for answers.
  • Keeping Drivers and Owner-Operators Safer, Happier, and Loyal. Clear, up-to-date driver and owner-operator statements eliminate confusion and frustration, and automated warning systems keep your equipment and drivers safe and compliant.


Real-Time Integrated Construction Truck Software

When you make full use of Axon’s construction truck software, you will save more time than you would with any other combination of software products on the market.

  • Tickets can be entered manually or can be imported electronically from scales or other electronic devices
  • Have a completely integrated Real-Time visual dump truck dispatch software
  • Generate your invoices from your tickets
  • Efficiently process your driver pay just as quickly as your invoices
  • Have all your accounting records updated instantly – a customer’s load invoiced, a check written, or a fuel bill processed including a powerful Financial Reporting System


“Business doesn’t have to be so tough! The right dump truck software can make you richer, more successful, and give you more peace of mind. It will gift you with happier, loyal customers, staff and drivers. It will give you the control over your business – and your life – you’ve only dreamed about before now. If you want to know how to increase the value of your business easily, and your value to your business, you need to look at Axon!”

Does that statement seem a little outrageous and over the top to you? If so I don’t blame you one bit. I would be skeptical too if I were you. But it is absolutely true, and if you give us a chance, we can prove it to you. In addition to solutions for Dump Truck Haulers, Axon has built systems specifically for Long-Haul Trucking, LTL Carriers, Oilfield Haulers, Heavy Haulers, Intermodal Carriers, Auto Haulers and Cattle Haulers. In fact almost every type of hauler you can think of. This is important to you because our broad experience and our customer base of over 500 companies provide you with the assurance that your Axon system will be able to handle almost any data management requirement you might run into, now, or down the road.

“The transition (to Axon) after 24 years on the same system, really opened my eyes quite quickly that wow I probably should have made this change several years ago.” See the Video – Assured Aggregates Click For Video


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How to Work Less and Get More Done

"Weaver Aggregate Transportation Inc. of Sumterville, Florida, hauls limerock, dirt, fertilizer, salt, and mushrooms, primarily in central Florida."

"Each of our drivers turns in about 10 tickets a day. If we’re fully staffed, that’s 900 tickets a day, five days a week. That’s a lot of tickets to enter. We needed something for quick entry."

"Every job is different. We charge by the ton, by the load, by the cubic yard, by the hour – it just depends on the customer. We needed something that could handle a very broad spectrum and was very versatile. With Axon we’ve been able to meet all of those needs."

"They [Owner Operators] get a statement that shows every ticket they’re getting paid for and how much their pay is for the ticket. It shows any deductions for insurance, fuel, and so on, and their net pay. And it also shows them their year-to-date totals. Before they were getting four different statements, and now they get just one." - Tamara Weaver, Weaver Aggregate Transportation Inc.