EDI Electronic Data Interchange

Generate EDI Screen

EDI Invoices, Payables and Order Tenders

Axon software is integrated with EDI order tenders, payables and invoices.


The Generate EDI screen displays a list of outstanding single-order invoices that have not yet been processed. Just choose the check box beside the appropriate invoices and select Send when you are ready to generate the file.

By choosing the Access button, you can immediately review the order or invoice for a particular line item.


One of the newer features is Payables EDI. You can now pay your Suppliers through a credit card company.

Once you send an ePayment, the system will automatically create a temporary check to show that the Invoice is no longer outstanding. When payment is approved, the credit card company's message will appear in the Reference field on the Payables » Checks screen. You can also receive email notification when you receive a response from your credit card company.

The ePayment Messages screen is a convenient way to review the status and history of ePayment request files.

Order Tenders

You can use the EDI Order Tenders screen to review order tender requests that have been sent to you. Once you accept a request, Axon ETA will automatically generate an order that is ready for dispatching.

Axon has developed an interface with various providers.

Here are a few examples:

  • Allied Tube and Conduit
  • FDS
  • Good Humor Bryers
  • Osram Sylvania
  • Welch

Oilfield Trucking EDI

Axon supports the following VANs:

ADP Open Invoice, Cortex, Oildex Spendworks CSV Flat File Integration.

Axon also supports the following X12 EDI Transaction Sets: EDI 810 – Invoice, EDI 871 Service Receipt, and EDI 850 – Ticket.

If you need an EDI that isn't listed we might already have it, contact us at 1-800-567-8385 to discuss your requirements.