Equipment Revenue Report

To be successful in business, you need a clear picture of your profit and loss. The Axon trucking software system provides a complete reporting package that helps you to track your revenue and expenses for every piece of equipment. The Equipment Statements list all of the revenue, expenses and mileage for owner operators, company units, and trailers for a specified time period. Once you have finalized your equipment statements, you can run an Equipment Revenue Report that breaks down revenue and expenses for each piece of equipment.

A Wealth of Information

The Equipment Revenue Report displays the revenue and expenses for each piece of equipment and is a valuable tool for determining the profitability of your equipment.  The report includes total revenue, total expenses, fuel purchases, mileage, and cost per mileage. You can run the report for all your equipment, your company equipment, your owner operator equipment, or a single tractor.

You can use the report to determine whether some tractors are performing better than others and to understand why revenue for a particular tractor or trailer is higher or lower than normal (e.g. they’ve been in the shop for repairs).

You can pick and choose what information you want to include:

  • Look at the revenue per fleet or compare your company trucks’ performance with that of your owner operators’
  • Review one tractor’s performance from one year to the next
  • Customize your report by choosing the columns that work best for your company (e.g. Empty or Loaded Mileage as a percentage of Total Mileage or Drivers’ Pay Per Hour)
  • Add a supplementary column showing each expense category as a percentage of the total expenses (e.g. fuel expenses as a percentage of the total equipment expenses)
  • Group several equipment statement categories under a single column heading (e.g. Total Equipment Insurance grouping Plate Premiums and Insurance Premiums)

For each of your expense columns, you can include a supplementary column showing that particular expense category as a percentage of the total expenses (e.g. fuel purchases as a percentage of the total equipment expenses).

This information will allow you to determine whether your revenue for a particular tractor or trailer has been higher or lower than normal. For example, one of your trailers may have been in the shop for repairs so costs were higher and less income was generated. One of your tractors may have consistently high revenue; you may want to buy another one of the same type.

Regal Transportation“One of the greatest features within the program, that has helped us the most, is the Equipment Revenue Report. We use that as our base, and we analyze revenue and cost per mile and miles per gallon for each truck. It almost became a competition amongst the drivers… ” – Carol Uglow CPA, Regal Service Company

Are you making money?

The Equipment Revenue Report will show you whether or not you’re making money. You’ll have the information you need to determine if your rates are appropriate or whether changes are needed in order to increase your profit margin.

In addition, the reports are easy and quick to use. Online documentation provides explanatory reference material and Axon’s support staff respond quickly to emails and phone calls if you require additional information.