Equipment Routing

Your trucking business relies on accurate routing information for each piece of equipment, every day of the week. Entering the routing information is quick and easy with Axon. Simply highlight a piece of equipment on the Orders screen and click on the Routing button.

A pop-up window will display all the Picks/Drops and other locations that have been assigned to the equipment during the date range specified.

Equipment Routing Screenshot

Track Equipment Routing

Axon stores the routing information, enabling you to track where your truck has been and its mileage during a particular time period.

The Equipment Routing Report provides various options to customize the information that you want in your report. You can print mileage totals or jurisdictional mileage, and you can list Last Location for each piece of equipment.

Pay by Mileage

The mileage from the routing automatically flows through to the pay records, making it easy for you to pay your drivers and owner operators based on the mileage from their trips during the last pay period.

IFTA Fuel Tax Mileage

If you have PC*Miler, you can also copy the routing into the IFTA Fuel Tax application and have the mileage broken down by jurisdiction, saving you from having to work it out manually.

Tracking Equipment Moves

You can use the Routing screen to track any equipment moves. They don’t have to be linked to an order, which is handy when you are moving an empty unit from one site to another or back to your warehouse.