Save Time and Effort with Factoring

Do you use a factoring company to collect payments for your company or to pay your suppliers and owner operators? Do you find it complex to track your payments? Axon can save you time and effort.

Axon’s factoring system enables you to manage advances, factoring fees, and reserves on invoices assigned to a factoring company and to track your invoices by matching them to the factoring company’s reports.

The Factoring Receivables Report provides you with a list of all your outstanding factored invoices. You can review your transactions on the Factoring Transactions screen.

Axon software is completely integrated. The system records all the necessary journal entries for your factored invoices, which are then reflected on your financial statements.

In addition, the bank reconciliation will show your factoring transactions and invoices along with outstanding checks, deposits, and journal entries.

Axon saves you time by adapting its software to meet your business requirements. We give you the tools to run your business more efficiently and more effectively.