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Troy Stimson Timeline Logistics

"it's night and day. All other software products I've used were clumsy, archaic, and very difficult to use. Axon software is about ease of use. It's simple, it's user-friendly, and it's very intuitive". Troy Stimson, TimeLine Logistic International

Visual Broker Dispatch Software

Axon Dispatch Screenshot

  • See an overview of orders
  • Access an existing order
  • Enter a new order
  • Sort orders in a number of ways
  • View available equipment
  • Track equipment locations
  • Assign carriers
  • Generate invoices

Carrier Confirmations & Order History Reports

While you are entering information in the front end, Axon will work on the paperwork in the background for you! When the order is ready, you can preview, print, or generate a PDF of a Carrier confirmation, complete with commodity, origin, destination, and any other information you specify should be included on it.

Axon will compile the information from your orders into some helpful reports, including the Order History Report – an excellent tool for staying on top of your business. The report can be narrowed or widened based on dozens of parameters, making it easy to find out which of your decisions are the most profitable.

Axon Freight Broker SoftwareOrders

The orders window for your truck broker software centralizes all the information on a particular load, including;

  • Billing information
  • Shipper & consignee information
  • Delivery information
  • Extra charges
  • Picks & drops
  • Assigned equipment
  • Printable order confirmation
  • Voiding invoices

The Order Entry system is completely integrated with the Freight Dispatch Software and Trucking Accounting Software applications. You will always know if you have orders left to assign/invoice, or still need to pay a carrier.

Real-Time Executive Briefing System

Executive BriefingAxon Freight Broker Software is jam-packed with management tools to help you stay on top of your business. Sophisticated report generation, powerful search and retrieval capabilities, and the first truly up-to-the-minute Executive Briefing System in the industry! As long as they have software permissions, each member of your team can build and customize their own unique briefing screen.

You simply choose the critical information that you want to display whenever you access your Real-Time Executive Briefing automatically. Net profit (or loss), current bank balances, outstanding credit lines, outstanding receivables & payables, key ratios, outstanding orders and much more.

Business Partner Management

Axon stores core information for all of your Business Partners (address, phone numbers, contact etc.) in one file, saving you time and eliminating the chance for errors. For example, when you get a change of address from a customer who is also a carrier for you, you only need to change it in one place. Or when a customer becomes a supplier to your company, you don’t need to set up an entirely new record!

If the Business Partner is marked as a carrier, then the carrier tab will be unlocked. You can enter default rates and methods of calculation for that carrier’s pay. On this same screen, you can record any insurance or other expirations that you wish to keep track of. You can also attach additional files to the record, for example, a scan of the partner's applicable insurance documents.

Financial and Broker Accounting Applications

The key to understanding where your business is headed is directly related to where it has been. A powerful Financial Reporting System is a critical element in this process. And a flexible, reliable, and proven General Ledger system is crucial to providing the information your reports need.

Accounts Payable System Streamlines Carrier Pay

Axon’s Accounts Payable system is, as usual, fully integrated with the rest of the software, which unlocks a whole bunch of time-saving features for you to take advantage of. Since any work you do in the software is tracked behind the scenes, you can quickly pull up useful reports, such as the Carrier Pending Payable Report. With it, you can easily see who you owe, what you owe them, since when, and which order it is tied to.

Accounts Receivables, Invoicing, Collecting

No matter how well you buy it, build it, sell it, ship it or service it — if you don’t get paid for it (and quickly), you won’t last long. Axon’s Real-Time Software for Freight Brokers means that you can have direct access to the exact information you require – on any of the data flowing through your system – when you need it. What this means is that the same effort it takes to keep up your accounting records, you now have access to powerful management tools, which can provide you with the information you need to expand your business and make it more profitable.

Axon Trucking Broker Software Makes Factoring Quick & Simple

Factoring companies can be very different from each other, so Axon can store and remember relevant information for each company (default currency type, advance %, fee %, whether the fee is taken off the advance or reserve, and the GL account you want to expense the fee to)

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