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Heavy Haul Routing, Mapping, Dispatch & Freight Software

Whether your company specializes in over-sized transportation or you just dabble in it on the side, Axon has you covered with software for heavy haulers that works! In addition to the standard features, Axon Trucking Software includes additional benefits for Heavy Haul trucking companies.

Taylor Heavy Haul Moves an SR-71

Project (Ticket) Management

If your company uses tickets Axon has extensive ticket handling capabilities. Sometimes you’ll get a large contract that involves multiple tickets and incremental invoicing over an extended period of time. In Axon it’s not only possible to reliably track this – once again we make it as efficient as possible. You simply create the project, set up whether it is a bid contract or based on time & materials, and add tickets as you make them. You can easily track the progress using automated running totals of what has been invoiced and what is yet to be.

Cost Tracking

Heavy Hauling companies can accrue some unusual costs. Maybe you are bringing a house into the city and need to temporarily take down some power lines? Whatever the case is, you’ll need a system that allows you to enter and track custom costs on the fly. Axon heavy haul freight software streamlines the details, allowing whatever costs or expenses you enter to automatically flow all the way down to the invoices, and then through to your financial statements.

Extra Equipment

In a Heavy Haul trucking business, it’s not uncommon to use multiple pieces of equipment on a single order. We’ve done our homework here at Axon and know how important it is to stay organized. That’s why we have included countless features in our heavy haul mapping software to help you manage, track, and assign a value to the work done by your equipment. You can dig into the details as much or as little as you wish.

Client Reviews

Check out some of the reviews from our Heavy Haul clients;

Eagle Trucking and Crane Services Ltd. – Rig Moves, Pipes, Oilfield Equipment – Bakersfield, CA  Click For Video
MD - Eagle Trucking and Crane
“If it wasn’t for switching over to Axon, with the growth of the oilfields in Bakersfield, we would have probably had to add on four or possibly even five more people. That has saved us a ton of money.” – Marinda Dye, Office Manager

Richards Transport – Heavy Haul, Oilfield, LTL, Hot Shot – Regina, SK & Ft. McMurray, AB Click For Video
AF Richards Transport“One of the other features of Axon which we’re pleased with …, is the feature to have multiple invoices or multiple orders on one bill… some of the larger customers we found prefer to have one invoice covering perhaps 40 – 60 pieces of their equipment moves.” – Al Fisher, Vice President

Taylor Heavy Hauling – Heavy Haul – Antelope, CA Click For Video
“…and for me, the thing I like best is the 1099 reporting aspect of it. It used to take me a week to do it because it was part on QuickBooks and part manual, and it was just gathering a lot of information. And now it’s done as you go, and at the end of the year you just click on it and it’s done in 15 minutes”. – Sheila Taylor, Vice President

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