IFTA Fuel Tax Software

Axon's IFTA fuel tax software takes the pain out of recording and submitting your fuel taxes. Let's take a look at the different steps along the way.

IFTA Tracking Software

IFTA Fuel Tax Rates

The system automatically updates the IFTA tax rates for each Jurisdiction on a quarterly basis. It also maintains a record of the Fuel Tax Rates History for comparison purposes.

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Import Fuel Mileage

You can import your fuel mileages directly from the Routing or from your Satellite records. PC*Miler will provide you with a jurisdictional breakdown. Axon takes the fuel tax rate information and applies it to the mileage for each jurisdiction as recorded on the Fuel Mileages and Purchases screen.

Fuel Purchases

Your fuel purchases will be generated automatically from your Payables fuel invoices.

Fuel Downloads

You’ll save a great deal of time by downloading an electronic record of your fuel transactions. Once you’ve imported the information into your Axon IFTA Fuel Tax Software, the system will create the Payables transactions and charge the purchases to the appropriate equipment.

Double Check for Accuracy

Before running your IFTA reports, it’s a good idea to print an IFTA Fuel Tax Report to confirm that your fuel, mileages and purchases information is complete and accurate. You can also use this report to calculate average fuel consumption. The Fuel Tax History Report provides you with a detailed list of all your fuel, mileages and purchases and can be very helpful in locating missed or duplicated fuel mileage entries.

The entire fuel bill from our major fuel supplier can be downloaded and imported into Axon and that information is automatically entered for each company truck or owner operator. That information is imported within minutes into our program. What used to take hours, every month, now takes minutes. - Dixie Husereau, Panda Tank and Vac Services 

IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting

Once you’ve reviewed your data, you’re ready to print the IFTA information and complete the IFTA form by our automated IFTA fuel tax calculator. All the information you need is integrated and assembled in one place for your convenience.

Axon offers you various report options to help you track your expenses:

  • The IFTA Fuel Tax History Report provides a detailed list of all your fuel mileages and purchases as well as a summary of the totals;
  • The Fuel Tax Report provides the average mileage per unit; and
  • The Toll and Non-Toll Mileage Report helps you to recover the cost of toll mileage.

Canadian companies will appreciate the fact that Axon helps you calculate the percentage of total mileage which is travelled in Canada to assist them in calculating Workers' Compensation Board assessments.

Axon's fully-integrated IFTA fuel tax software is fast, efficient and reliable.

 Regal TransportationFor IFTA purposes it's easy. All we do is generate the form from Axon. And because we have the ability to single out an individual piece of equipment, we're able to give our independent contractors their own separate IFTA tax report, and we refund them or charge them just as we do the government with our company-wide reports. - Carol Uglow, Regal Services Company 


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