Utilize the advantages of intermodal transportation software and our completely integrated payroll and trucking accounting software to increase business performance, cash flow and profitability.
  • More Cash In The Bank – Improve billing and receivable times with faster, more accurate integrated invoicing.
  • Reduce Costly Mistakes – Eliminate tens of thousands of dollars in lost orders or driver pay errors with fully integrated billing, payroll and direct deposit features.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction – Instant information available via web access and automated business triggers means you never have to keep your customers waiting for answers.
Reduce costly downtime with improved equipment tracking, chassis moves, per diem, rail storage and port demurrage with dynamic fleet management, communication and intermodal dispatch software.
  • Real-Time Tracking – Plan, match and dispatch intermodal and chassis loads more efficiently with advanced satellite trucking interfaces that improve location, detention and delivery times.
  • Link Mobile Moves – Quickly and accurately send, receive, copy, edit and attach images, signatures and POD to live orders and templates using Axon Truck Link mobile app.
  • Create New Lines Of Business – Implement and minimize the complexity of online order management with a faster web access portal for customers to get notifications and alerts of order tender status’s in real-time.
Choosing the right software can be overwhelming as every company is unique. That’s why Axon Software has built-in customization tools that adapt to your specific operation with a user-friendly interface.
  • Decrease Your Workload – By drastically reducing clerical entries and multiple, restrictive software systems.
  • Speed & Control – Enter, assign and edit orders, carriers, shipper, consignee, picks/drops, container and chassis shipping information related to port and rail yard schedules from one unified screen to streamline order processing.
  • Order Optimization – Reduce empty miles, detention charges, automate routing and improve on time delivery schedules.