Inventory Control

consigned inventory transactionsAxon provides a complete inventory control system as part of the Work Orders and Warehousing applications.

Does your company have a warehouse? Axon’s Warehousing application is a convenient way to keep track of your stock.


The Warehousing Inventory screen records parts that you’re storing in your warehouse before shipping them to a customer as well as parts that you’ve purchased to sell and ship to customers as part of an order.

If you have more than one storage facility, Axon can help you keep track of the quantity on hand at each location. You can transfer inventory from one location to another, keep track of cost, serial and warranty information, and record results of a physical count.

You’ll have the option of using barcode labels and scanners to further streamline your work.

The Inventory Reorder/Overstocked Report will let you know if stock is running low and needs to be reordered or if you are stockpiling certain items.


You can record parts that you’ve purchased to sell and ship to customers on an accounts payable invoice or the Consigned Inventory Transactions screen.

If you are shipping or receiving consigned parts as part of an order, the system will automatically generate an In or Out transaction on the Consigned Inventory Transactions screen for consigned goods or an Out transaction on the Inventory Transactions screen for purchased goods.

We’ll spend 3 to 4 million dollars every year on parts for our shops, and we can control our inventory so much better with Axon. If there’s a fast moving product, our procurement guy can go out and say ‘Look, we’re going to use 400 of these this year. What can you do for us for pricing?’ So that’s huge. We’ve saved hundreds of thousands because we’re able to track our inventory, and our purchasing is so much better as well.” Ken Siewiertoka, Xtreme Oilfield Services  Click For Video