Invoicing Tickets

Choose Your Preferred Method

Axon provides a number of different options for invoicing tickets.

Generating Invoices

Tickets with the same Customer, Currency, and Invoice Code are automatically placed together on the same Invoice.

Invoice Customization

Choose which tickets to group together on the same invoice (e.g. all the tickets for a specific Location would be on one invoice, while tickets for a different Location would be on a separate invoice).
tickets waiting to be invoiced reportYou can also choose to include a one-line summary for each Job Description.


Projects are a handy way to manage large contracts that involve many tickets and are carried out over extended time periods.

  • Bid Project: Submit one invoice for the entire project once the work is completed.
  • Incremental Invoicing: You can generate invoices for individual tickets or groups of tickets.


The Tickets Waiting To Be Invoiced report will sort and subtotal tickets in the same order as the actual invoices so it can be used to review your tickets before generating the invoices.

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