Match Trucking Expenses To Invoices

Axon Trucking Software provides you with a completely integrated trucking and accounting software package. Three buttons help you to quickly and easily match your Trucking Expenses, Work Orders, and Purchase Orders to your Payables Invoice.

The Matching feature saves you time, ensures that you don’t duplicate expenses, and provides an opportunity to confirm that you have been billed correctly.

Match to Carrier Invoice

The Match to Carrier Invoice button is a convenient link between Payables Invoices and Trucking Expenses.

For example, you hire a carrier to transport a load for you. All the details are listed on the Order, but now you’ve received an invoice from the Carrier and want to make a payment.

There is no need to waste your time entering all the information over again on the invoice. Instead, you choose the Match to Carrier Invoice button on the Invoices screen. A pop-up window will display all the trucking charges for that particular carrier. You select the appropriate line items, and they are included automatically on your invoice.

It saves you time and trouble and ensures that you don’t duplicate expenses.

Match to Payables Invoices

A recent addition to Axon’s Trucking Software is a Match to Payables Invoices button on the Work Orders screen. The button helps you to match equipment expenses (e.g. brake repairs) on a work order to the matching payables invoice.

Match to Purchase Orders

The Match to Purchase Orders button on the Payables Invoices screen is a quick and easy way to match a purchase order with an invoice and to record all the relevant information without having to duplicate your entries.