PC Miler | Energy

Precise Mileage & Routing in the Patch

PC Miler Energy

PC*MILER|Energy is a unique solution that provides industry-critical routing and mileage data you need to make accurate planning and billing decisions when operating in the patch. Featuring the most comprehensive map routing software of oil and gas lease roads available in North America today, PC*MILER|Energy has you covered once you leave the highway.


  • Generate precise mileage and distance using actual oil and gas lease roads for accurate billing
  • Calculate accurate travel times to and from wells, from well to well, or from public to private oil and gas lease roads for enhanced dispatch planning
  • Plan routes using realistic road speeds on rural roads within the patch
  • Avoid the expensive cost associated with a missed time window
  • Plot the lat/long of a well head and route directly to it
  • Generate turn-by-turn directions from the public road network directly onto oil and gas lease roads
  • Ability to import custom lat/longs for precise well head routing
  • Detailed satellite view of well heads and off-road oil and gas lease roads
  • Multi-stop route optimization for improved fleet efficiency and productivity


  • PC*MILER|Energy map data combines Oil and Gas lease roads with PC*MILER’s public roads into one routable network (quarterly updates available for select products*)
  • Oil and Gas Lease Road network includes:
    • proprietary map database of street-level oil and gas lease roads seamlessly integrated into PC*MILER’s public road network
    • coverage in areas where oil and gas wells are developed and known basins are found across the U.S. and Canada
  • Public Road Network includes comprehensive nationwide coverage
  • Public Road network also includes truck restrictions and allowances:
    • bridge heights and clearances,
    • load limits,
    • weight limits and allowances,
    • left-hand and dangerous turn restrictions,
    • truck through route designations,
    • and urban road classifications – as well as truck-restricted, truck-designated, and truck-prohibited roads
  • Nationwide U.S. and Canadian street-level routing* and map database
  • Truck-specific toll costs* in the U.S. and Canada; includes toll data updates
  • Hazardous Materials Routing* and map database in the U.S. and Canada
  • 53-foot and twin trailer designations
  • State oversized and STAA route designations
  • U.S. ZIP Codes, Canadian Postal Codes*, Mexican Postal Codes, and Standard Point Location Codes (SPLC)*

* applicable licenses required

System Requirements

  • Windows®XP, 7 and 8 running in 32-bit compatibility mode as well as support for 64-bit native applications on Windows 7 and 8
  • Citrix®Metaframe and TCP/IP functionality for use with other platforms
  • Windows Server® (Terminal Servers, Server 2003, Server 2008 including Server 2008 R2 running in 32-bit compatibility mode for the Interactive GUI
  • Stand-alone PC with a 1.5-2 GHz processor or networked personal computers (LANs and Server/Thin Client Networks)
  • 512 MB RAM minimum, 1 GB strongly recommended for standard desktop users. For Citrix and Terminal Server, 200 MB RAM for each user running PC*MILER|Connect and PC*MILER|Spreadsheets
  • Minimum screen resolution 800X600
  • Colour quality settings supported: 16-bit and 32-bit (8-bit & 24-bit not supported)
  • Internet connection for license activation (recommended) and access to select features such as Satellite imagery and real-time Traffic data on the RouteMap
  • 2.6 GB hard disk space (in addition to space requirements for a PC*MILER software installation)
  • Internet connection for License Activation and access to select features such as Satellite imagery and real-time Traffic data on the RouteMap

Note: A standalone demo is not available for PCMiler Energy please call 1-800-567-8385 for information or fill out the demo form and we will contact you.