PC Miler Spreadsheets

PC MILER Spreadsheets gives you the ability to access PC MILER features and functionality from within your own spreadsheet software. Generate point-to-point or street-level mileage and drive times within a spreadsheet program, and then use built-in functions to summarize and analyze your data. PC MILER Spreadsheets provides a seamless interface with PC MILER and Microsoft® Excel®, allowing you to perform customized analyses of your data in an environment specifically designed for data analysis.



  • Negotiate rates on actual mileage, not approximate values
  • Analyze transportation costs to and from customers
  • Calculate driver pay based on per mile wages
  • Audit freight bills for mileage discrepancies
  • Provide price quotes in seconds
  • Optimize lane analyses and perform modal comparisons
  • Perform proximity and rating analyses
  • Enhance strategic planning and forecasting


  • Ability to use latitude/longitude points combined with street addresses
  • Geocode and route to Mexican Postal Codes
  • Toll* discount programs continuously updated
  • Access to a custom Add-In within your spreadsheet program where formulas are exposed to gain access to PC*MILER data
  • Generate mileage calculations and conduct lane analyses
  • Geocode street-level addresses* in the U.S. and Canada
  • Calculate truck-specific toll costs* in the U.S. and Canada
  • Translate latitude/longitude points into city/state combinations and vice versa
  • Calculate drive times from one stop to another
  • Generate a state/country distance report to provide trip mileage information by state/jurisdiction
  • Calculate alternative rail intermodal routes and compare truck versus Rail Mileage*, fuel consumption, and carbon emissions per route (with PC MILER Intermodal Analysis)


*Applicable licenses required.