PC Miler Tolls

Truck-specific toll costs for cash and discount toll programs in the U.S. and Canada

PC MILER Tolls calculates truck-specific toll costs based on a vehicle’s weight, axle count, trailer count, transaction type (cash or discount program), and time of day travel in the U.S. and Canada. It is driven by the same technology and map dataset as ALK’s industry-standard PC*MILER routing, mileage and mapping software. When generating routes, truck-specific toll costs are added into a route’s overall calculation. Determine whether it’s more cost-effective to take a toll route, or a non-toll route with a few additional miles, before routing a vehicle. Even small toll charges have a big impact on your bottom line!

PC Miler Tolls showing least cost routing options


  • Determine the most cost-effective toll route or non-toll route, factoring in additional mileage over costs
  • Stay competitive and profitable with precise operating costs and freight bill calculations
  • Remove the guesswork from rating billing and driver reimbursement
  • Know the real costs of your lanes instead of estimating or averaging toll costs in your transportation planning or rate negotiations
  • Improve driver retention and recruiting with exact toll cost reimbursement
  • Access to toll data updates that provide the latest changes in nationwide toll costs


  • Nationwide U.S. and Canadian toll costs for heavy and light vehicles
  • Unique toll paths including range (ticket) and barrier (coin drop) data
  • Cash and discount program toll transactions
  • One-way tolling to keep operating costs accurate for each leg of the trip
  • Bridge and tunnel tolls that differ depending on the direction you approach the toll facility
  • International border crossing tolls
  • Added, removed and renamed toll plazas and toll roads
  • Discount toll program’s toll rate increases/decreases or its removal/introduction
  • Toll plaza names reported per trip to help validate the accuracy of toll charges
  • Entry/Exit toll plaza names listed in reports to aid in the reconciliation of discount program toll charges
  • Toll data updates provide the latest changes in nationwide toll costs
  • Calculate toll costs* based on:
    • vehicle weight – for less than 9,000 lbs and up to 132,000 lbs 
    • vehicle axle count – for 2-14 axles 
    • vehicle type – heavy vehicle, medium duty vehicle, light vehicle and automobile (based on the selected Vehicle Dimensions)
    • trailer count – single and multiple trailer
    • transaction type – cash or discount program (such as the EZPass program)
    • time of day travel – specify a current date and/or time of day, future date or past date 
    • currency – specify either USD or CAD, a convenient currency converter is also provided
  • Generate toll cost and mileage comparison reports by route for all routing types
  • Route results include precise toll plaza locations
  • Generate toll cost and mileage comparison reports by route for all routing types
  • Generate routes based on Practical or Shortest routing parameters then further classify a route with Toll Discouraged, National Network, 53’/102″ Trailer or Twins, or Hazardous Materials* routing options
  • Seamlessly Interface PC*MILER* routes, mileage and maps with third-party and custom systems

*Applicable licenses required