PC Miler: Truck Routing

PC*MILER can reorder the stops on a route, thereby optimizing trip time, cost and mileage. Let’s optimize Truck Route 1:

1.   Close Route 2 (select it from the Windows menu and then select Close Route from the File menu, or click the “X” button in the upper right corner of the window).

2.   Click  on  the  Route  1  window  to  activate it,  then  duplicate  it  again  (select Duplicate Route from the File menu).

3.   Select Optimize Stops… from the Route menu, and make sure the Run route after optimizing option is checked. We will Route Through All, meaning the last stop can be reordered if necessary.

4.   Click OK to optimize the stops in the new Route 2 window.

5.   Press the <F4> key to generate a new Comparison Report.

As you can see, PC*MILER determined that the optimal route would have Manchester as  its  destination  and  Armstrong  as  the  second  stop.     The  optimized  route  is significantly different from the version of the same route we entered earlier: it saves over 107 miles and over 1 hour and 15 minutes of driving time, plus the additional trip costs!

Optimal Truck Routing

Generate a Truck Route in Hub Mode

PC*MILER’S Hub Routing feature allows you to generate routes and mileages from one origin to unlimited destinations.  Let’s rerun Route 1 in Hub mode. The origin (Sioux City, IA) will become the hub:

1. Select the Route 1 window.

2. In the City or Address tab, click on the Options button.

3. Click on the checkbox for Hub Routing.

4. Click OK. The new route will run automatically.

Select Route Options

Route To a Truck Stop

PC*MILER gives you the ability to view and add truck stops along your route.

1.  Highlight Richland on the stop list in the Route 1 window, then choose Insert Stop Above from the Edit menu or press <F7>.

2.  Select Tools menu > Multiple Name Instances > and make sure Provide Pick List is checked.

3.  Type “@t, ia” and press <Enter> to get a pick list of all truck stops whose names begin with “T” in the state of Iowa.  Highlight “@Truck Haven (Sioux City), IA” and click OK. This truck stop is now Dest 2 on Route 1.

4.  Highlight Truck Haven on the stop list and double‐click it, or click the Zoom to Stop toolbar button to zoom to this truck stop on the map.

5.  Return to the Route 1 window and click Run to generate the new route.

Route to Truck Stops

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