Getting Started With PCMiler: First Run a Route

Getting Started: First Run a Route

To begin the Tour, double‐click on the PC*MILER icon on your desktop to open the program or click the Windows Start menu and select Programs > PCMILER (ver #).

To generate a route, you need to enter at least two stops (an origin and a destination).  We will enter an origin, a destination, and three intermediate stops.  Your cursor should be in the Route 1 window, in the City field.  (If you don’t see this window, select Route 1 in the Windows menu or New Route in the File menu.)  For now, we’ll ignore the time‐of‐ day, day‐of‐week, and traffic settings that are available in the route entry window.

1.  As the first step, select the Tools menu > Multiple Name Instances > and make sure “Provide Pick List” is checked.  This option displays a pick list when there is more than one possible match in the PC*MILER database for a location you enter.

2.  In the City field, enter the trip origin as a city/state combination: type “sioux city, ia”, then click the Add Stop button or press <Enter>.  Choose the first ZIP code on the list. You have entered “51101 Sioux City, IA, Woodbury”.


3.  Now we will enter a local address as the first stop.  Type “des moines, ia” in the City field and “1399 buchanan” in the Address field and click Add Stop.   You have entered “1399 Buchanan Street, Des Moines, IA, Polk” as Stop 1.

4. Next, we will try to enter an address that does not exist in the PC*MILER database: type “52585” in the City field and “1300 jasmine” in the Address field and click Add Stop.

5.  In the pick list  of  address ranges that opens, highlight “1200‐1298 Jasmine Avenue; Richland, IA 52585” and click OK to enter this nearby address as Stop 2.

6.   Use the Spelling Helper to enter another stop: type “ma, ia” (with or without a space between the city and state) and click Add Stop.  In the pick list that appears, scroll down and highlight “52057 Manchester, IA, Delaware” and click OK.

7.   Use the ZIP Code Helper to enter the last stop on this route.  Type 505 and click Add Stop. In the pick list, highlight “50514 Armstrong, IA, Emmet” and click OK.

8.   Click the Run button or press the <F10> key to generate your route.  PC*MILER will calculate the mileage for each leg of the trip, as well as cumulative miles, cost  estimates, and  time estimates.   Note that  the  route window can be resized like any other window so that all stops on your route are visible.

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