PC Miler: Save Your Route

PC*MILER lets you save your routes for future use.  We’re going to save Route 3 to disk now:

1.  With the Route 3 window active, click on the Save Route button on the toolbar or use the <Ctrl‐S> keyboard shortcut.

2.  At the top of the Save Route window, choose the drive and folder on your hard drive where you want to save the route.     (If you don’t choose a folder, by default the route will be saved in the Na\Options folder – or World\Options folder  if  you  are  using  PC*MILER|Worldwide  –  within  the  folder  where PC*MILER was installed.)

3. Type a file name such as “AugME‐CharSC” in the File Name field.   The file extension “.R21” will automatically be added to this name.

4.  Click Save to save Route 3 to your hard drive for future retrieval.

5.  Try closing and opening this saved route: close the Route 3 window, click the Open button on the toolbar, select the route file, and click Open.

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