PC Miler: View the Comparison Report

The Comparison Report includes a summary of the total mileage, cost estimates, and time estimates for all currently open routes.  It allows you to see clearly the differences between your generated routes.

1.   To view this  report for Routes 1 and 2, either click the Comparison Report button on the toolbar, select Comparison from the Report menu, or press the <F4> key.   In this report, it’s easy to see that the Shortest route covers fewer miles, but has a longer drive time.  (Note: The report window shown below has been resized, some columns in the report are hidden.)

comparison report

2.   In  the  Comparison  Report,  the  “Visible”  column  enables  you  to  hide/show selected routes on the map.  Try hiding Route 1: click on “True” to toggle it to “False”.  In the RouteMap window, Route 1 is still listed in the Route legend (upper right corner) but is now not visible on the map.

Compare Routes on Map

3.   To show the route again, click “False”.

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