PC Miler: View and Print Map and Directions

View and Print a Map

Now we’ll return to the Route 3 window, frame it on the map, and print it:

1.  Select Frame in the Map menu and select Route 3 from the bottom of the menu to frame Route 3 on the map.

2.  Use the Map button on the toolbar to bring the map forward if necessary. You can adjust the size of the window and move the legends around to create an unobstructed view.   In the map shown below, road shields have been hidden using Map menu > Map Features.

3.  The route from Augusta to Charleston is now framed and positioned at the center of the RouteMap window.

4.  Click on the Print button on the toolbar to print the map.

View Map

View and Print Driving Directions

Now  let’s  view  detailed  driving  directions  for  the  Augusta  ‐  Charleston  route  by generating that report:

1.   With the Route 3 window active, click on the Driving Directions button on the toolbar or choose Report menu > Drivers Report to generate detailed driving instructions for Route 3. This report includes turn‐by‐turn detailed driving directions with distances and time estimates for each leg of the route.

Print Directions

There are three ways the appearance of this report can be customized:

  •  Select Font in the Report menu to change the font type and size.
  •  To  adjust  the  column  widths,  click  and  drag  the  dividers  under  the window title bar.
  •  To add  a  memo or title  to the report, click Options in  the Route 3 window and enter text in the Report Memo field; OR click the Print button at the bottom of the window to bring up a Driver Report dialog box and type a memo in the provided space (see Step 4).

2.  PC*MILER also provides a Detailed Route Report that includes interchange information, plus leg and cumulative mileage and time estimates including any designated on/off duty, border wait and break times.  To generate this report, select Report menu > Detailed Report; or press the <F5> key on your keyboard.

3.   With the report window active, choose Print Report… from the File menu, click the Print toolbar button, or click the Print button at the bottom of the window. Click OK to print. The Detailed Route Report, State/Country Distance Report, Comparison Report, and mileage summary in the route entry window can all be printed.

 4.   Alternatively, with  the Route  3 window  open,  select the Print Driver  Report option in the File menu to print driving directions and an array of map views with one click.  You can choose one, several, or all options to print as many or as few reports as you want.

The Directions option prints the Drivers Report. Overview Map prints a framed view of the active route.  The other three map options print zoomed‐in detailed views of the Starting Address, each Intermediate Stop, and the Destination Address.

5.   After choosing the options you want, click OK to print maps and directions.

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