Pricing Your Work Order Parts – Tips For Axon Users

The prices you charge for the parts used during equipment repairs need to adequately cover overhead and profits which is easily done in our truck repair shop software.

Flexible Rates
Axon provides you with the flexibility to set up a variety of different pricing systems for the company, owner operators, and customer equipment. For example, you can:

  • Price parts at cost for company equipment;
  • Set a company-wide default markup for all your customers and owner operators; or
  • Set an individual markup for each of your business partners.

Markups are based on the rates you set up on the Inventory Markup Table and are based on variable percentage increases for different dollar values. For example, you may charge 35% up to costs of $5,000 and 32% up to costs of $10,000.

Calculating the Price
The truck parts inventory software will calculate the price of parts on your work orders as follows:

Price * Markup % - if a Price is entered on Work Orders » Inventory
Last Cost * Markup % - if no Price is entered on Work Orders » Inventory

Tip: It’s important to realize that the system will not update the Price based on changes in the Last Cost if there is a lag between the date the Work Order is entered and the date it is completed.

Work Orders Set-Up Screenshot

Ken Xtreme Oilfield“One of the biggest benefits is the integration. We run a shop for our trucks, and right from here I can see all the work orders, inventory control, all those sorts of things. So can my accounting staff,” says Ken Siewiertoka, Xtreme Oilfield Services. Click For Video 

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