Purchase Orders Increase Efficiency – Tips For Axon Users

Purchase orders provide an efficient paper trail. There’s a clear record of what you ordered – the make, the type, and the number. You also have a record of when you placed the order. You can compare it to the invoice and make sure that none of your instructions have gone astray.

Better Inventory & Payment Tracking
Axon’s Purchase Orders application goes one step further as it’s both digital and fully integrated with the rest of your trucking and accounting package.

Trucking items can be assigned immediately to a driver or a piece of equipment. Once the purchase order is linked to a payables invoice, employee expenses will appear on the driver settlement while equipment expenses will be added to the equipment statement.

The system will update your inventory as soon as you record receipt of the items on your purchase order.

Less Paperwork
Digital purchase orders do away with stray scraps of paper and bulky files. All the information is available online, and the Comments and Activity tabs give you plenty of space to record additional details. You can also customize the layout of your purchase order and create custom fields.

The purchase order can be emailed directly to your supplier or saved as a PDF.