Purchase Orders

You can record and track your purchases using Purchase Orders.

The Purchase Order application is completely integrated with the Trucking, Payables and Inventory components of Axon ETA:

  • Trucking purchases that are linked to a piece of equipment will show up automatically on the Equipment Statement
  • Inventory purchases will be automatically included in Inventory as soon as they’ve been recorded as received
  • You can quickly match Payables invoices to the appropriate purchase order by choosing the Match to Purchase Orders button

The Receive Purchase Orders screen helps you to record receipts of the items you have ordered. You’ll no longer have a problem remembering if an order has arrived, or whether or not you received the full amount you ordered.

You can also print a Purchase Order Report that shows which orders are overdue or still have outstanding items. Or you can print a report showing which orders have been received (both invoiced and non-invoiced)