Recurring Payables

Some suppliers bill you over and over again. Every month brings another bill for telephone, power and rent. Axon helps simplify these manual invoices that occur on a regular basis. The system is designed to let you enter the standard invoice information once and then simply make the necessary revisions when using the invoice again.

Group Names

You can also set up group names that will allow you to generate a batch of recurring payables simultaneously.

Once you select a particular date and group, Axon will generate a copy of all the invoices with that particular group name. The invoice number will be the same as the number on the master invoice, but a batch number will be added.

Report Options

If you’re not sure what invoices are included in a specific batch, you can generate a report providing you with all the necessary details. Use the Payables History Report with the options Invoice # ‘contains’ ‘master invoice #’. You also have the option of creating a customized report using Reporter.

Quick Payment

Axon wants to make your job as easy and efficient as possible. We know that there are times when you need to generate a check quickly. For example, someone may be waiting in your office for a check, or you may have manually written a check and will not be receiving an invoice.

You can now generate a check straight from the completed invoice by using Quick Payment. You will have the choice of either printing a check or writing it by hand and then generating the necessary records. And your payment will be included in the supplier history to help you keep track of your expenses.