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Golden Express Trucking Surrey, BC V3W 4G5, Canada Golden Express - Amit“If we were not using Axon, and had the same number of trucks, I would assume that we'd need at least 2 more people in our office to carry the workload that we currently have."
Black's Transfer Ltd Saint John, NB E2R 1A3, Canada Black's Transfer – Dale“I've put 120 invoices in a day without even blinking an eye. It's really convenient, and you really can't mess it up – we've tried! Axon has been a huge asset for putting the orders in, and isolating the broker pay versus the company driver pay."
Jagged Edge Enterprises Ltd Abbotsford, BC V2T 3S4, Canada Jagged Edge - Iqbal“Ever since Axon, we've doubled our fleet – went from 20 trucks to 40 trucks – only had to add 1 staff member."
Canyon Freightways Ltd Surrey, BC V3S 2G3, Canada Canyon Freightways - Sim“Since we've had Axon, we've been able to double our fleet. We haven't had to hire any new employees. We love Axon."
Savage Transport Inc Broken Arrow, OK 74012, USA Savage Transport - Candace“We've almost doubled since we started using Axon, and we've only needed to hire 1 additional accounting person."
InterFlet Transport Laredo, TX 78045, USA InterFlet Transport - Samuel“Had 5 trucks when we started with Axon, and now we're up to 60. When it comes to driver payment, invoicing, accounting department, that's where we use Axon the most and it has been a lifesaver.”
Bowling Green Logistics Inc Milton, ON L9T 3Y5, Canada Bowling Green - Belinda“Since we've started with Axon, we've increased our fleet about 100%... and we haven't had to increase our staff at all.”
Arepet Express McAllen, TX 78501, USA Arepet Express - Andres“We've gone from about 10 trucks to right around 85-90 trucks. We haven't had to add much personnel. We've been able to stay lean and efficient due to Axon.”
F & A Express LLC Laredo, TX 78045, USA F&A Express - Irma“Since we started using Axon, our company doubled in size, from 60 to 120 trucks... We've only had to hire 2 people, instead of 5 or 6.”
HK United Trucks Ltd Mississauga, ON L5T 1N7, Canada HK United - Sarah“The fleet has increased by 20 trucks, and we haven't increased our staff.”
Metro Transport Inc Brighton, MI 48116-4507, USA “With Axon, we have almost doubled our sales and the amount of weekly tickets, and we have not increased our staff at all.”
CM Freight LLC Greenville, TX 75402, USA RedBird Trucking - Alicia“It’s a complete package for us.”
Redbird Trucking San Marcos, TX 78667, USA RedBird Trucking - Alicia"We've gone from 8 trucks to 40 trucks and on the back office side, I have not had to add a single person."

Jade Transport Ltd. Winnipeg, MB R2J 0G8, Canada Jade Transport - Terry“Fleet size has gone up about 30%… Maybe we added one person, at most, to our operation.”
CWJ Forklift Service LLC. Odessa, TX 79764, USA

CWJ Forklift Service LLC."Because we are using Axon, we are running 16 trucks with 2 people part-time taking care of the paperwork... Absolutely, Axon pays for itself."

Paul Brandt Trucking Morris, MB R0G 1K0, Canada

Paul Brandt Trucking"Data entry has been reduced by, conservatively, 50%."

ABC Heavy Hauls Fort Worth, TX 76131, USA

Melissa - ABC Heavy Hauls

“I would say by using Axon we have saved at least 2 peoples salary… We’ve gotten to the point where we’ve grown so much that we’ve gotten to save on having multiple people in the office.”

“Instead of having a ticketing program and a quicbooks program and someone else doing payables or recievables everything is all in one basket, everything is at our fingertips. It is very user friendly.”

Arctic Fox Logistics Winnipeg, MB R3P 0Y4, Canada

Arctic Fox Logistics"I had previously worked with Axon at two other companies and seen the advantage, I had actually implemented Axon at another company so even though I didn't need it I knew the power that Axon offered. And I wanted to find a way to make that work as soon as possible so that we could integrate it closer to the beginning, or the inception of our company as opposed to changing way down the road."

Hearn Trucking LLC - Frac Sand Weatherford, TX 76087, United States

Hearn Trucking LLC - Judy Hearn"I love Axon, it is one of the most complete programs that I have ever utilized. Now my background has not been in trucking, but I've used multitudes of softwares during my career and I have never found one that gives me as much detail and as much information as Axon does."

One Call Logistics Inc. Blumenort, MB R0A 0C0, Canada

One Call Logistics - Pat Tetrault"With the growth that One Call has done in the last 3 years from 5 trucks to 25 trucks it would be impossible for us to be able to grow that fast without a software like Axon."

Eagle River Energy Services Fort Worth, TX 76104, United States

Eagle River Energy Services"Axon has more than paid for itself, I probably would have had to hire three more people had I used any other program other than Axon. And I've used other programs so I know their limitations. That was key to opening this company and one of my first demands was, please trust me, this (Axon) will more than pay for itself". 

Bondars Logistics, LLC West Sacramento, CA 95691, United States

Bondars Logistics, LLC"Since we've had Axon we found out that it actually paid for itself in about 8 months... It took me 2 weeks to be up and running at %100". Venci Mudrov, President, Bondars Logistics LLC

Potato King Transportation Inc. La Crosse, WI 54601, United States

Potato King Inc."In our growth with Axon, we've increased about 30 trucks and added one employeee because of the needs of one specific customer". "Once we get the orders in, everything is taken care of down the line.'s all there and taken care of by the person that booked the order."

KTI Ltd. Pulaski, VA 24301, United States

KTI Ltd. - Pulaski, VAAxon has helped us improve customer relations, one feature where customers can log in and access the status of each order and see their invoices that has been a very useful tool for us to better communicate with our customers.... 

Copeland Trucking Minneapolis, MN 55421, United States

Copeland Trucking - Julie OlsonAxon has made it real easy for the different locations to work together, we can all see the same information... In terms of the software and using it, it just seems to be capable of growing along with us. I can't imagine there's anything really better out there... From what I know and what I've used I can say it's just an excellent program.

Seaboard Express Transportation Services LLC Petersburg, VA 23803, United States

Seaboard Express Transportation“It’s so easy to tell when a load is moving, when a load is complete, when a load has been planned. It’s color coded it’s easy, it’s just a simple way to go… I can’t imagine it being much easier, it just works, simply.”

GSV Transportation Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730, United States

GSV Transportation"When we started with Axon we had 5 trucks, we've been able to grow to 55 trucks with Axon." "It gives us a real true cost of operating, it gives us the flexibility to quote the customer the right price and be competitive with anybody else."

GTL Enterprises Inc. Ellensburg, WA 98926, United States

Blanca Garcia Escamilla, Manager, GTL Enterprises talks about their experience with Axon Trucking Software. It was an easy transition to Axon from their old way of trying to combine 3 separate systems that just didn't mesh together. "It's a good system I would highly recommend it."

ABC Central Towing and Storage Regina, SK S4N 4G3, Canada

ABC Central TowingWe've been able to keep track of our equipment expenses, our fuel inputs, how much fuel each truck is using, the repairs & maintenance. It's just unbelievable, our repairs and maintenance bills went down.

Pacific Shores Trucking Inc. San Diego, CA 92130, United States

Pacific Shores Trucking Inc.Pacific Shores Trucking Inc. had 5 trucks when they started using Axon  Software. They are currently at over 20 trucks without having to add any administration staff. Konstantin Zecevic, President of Pacific Shores estimates they've saved between $250,000 to $300,000 in this time.

EGL Logistics Glendale, CA 91204, United States

Khris Kakosimidi, EGL LogisticsIn the last 10 months since getting Axon, we have probably added close to 10 trucks without having to add any more employees. Before Axon, we were thinking of reducing our trucks or adding more employees. - Khris Kakosimidi

TCBX Trucking Inc Brainerd, MN 56401, United States

TCBX Trucking - PJ O'Brien"With Axon we've increased our productivity 20 to 30 percent with the same staff, we didn't need to add any more and we were able to grow." - PJ O'Brien

Favel Transportation Moose Jaw, SK S6J 1M5, Canada

Favel Transportation"Anything that makes your job easier day to day, I think is worthwhile and having worked in different software I definitely look forward to working in Axon, it's just so easy to use" - Richelle Favel

Martinez Trucking Pasco, WA 99301, United States

Martinez Trucking"If we didn't have Axon I would have to add at least 6 additional staff at an average salary of $45,000 per year... so $45,000 times 6 you can do the math and that's not including medical and other benefits we would provide." - Zenaido Martinez III

TimeLine Logistic International Saskatoon, SK S7K 6P6, Canada

TimeLine Logistic"Axon is better than anything else I’ve used. I’ve used other dispatch programs and other enterprise programs, and there is nothing that compares to Axon.
“The Axon program makes everything we do easy. From doing payroll, to work orders, to running all the drivers’ miles – everything. It’s just simple. You enter something in one end of the program and it spits it out on the other." - Troy Stimson

Taylor Heavy Hauling Roseville, CA 95747, United States Taylor Heavy HaulAnd for me, the thing I like best is the 1099 reporting aspect of it. It used to take me a week to do it because it was part on QuickBooks and part manual, and it was just gathering a lot of information. And now it’s done as you go, and at the end of the year you just click on it and it’s done in 15 minutes. – Sheila Taylor
Kelsey Trail Trucking - Saskatoon Saskatoon, SK S7K 8H4, Canada

Kelsey Trail Trucking - Saskatoon“If you can’t get information at the right speed, you are always behind the eight ball. It’s a small investment to manage a larger one. It’s that simple.” - Jim Clunie

Higginbotham Trucking Ltd Pincher Creek, AB T0K 1W0, Canada

Higginbotham Trucking"It's (Axon) been my lifesaver, everything else before was in binders of paper now everything is clean it all fits together where it's supposed to be. It starts with what I do, dispatching the loads to invoicing them out to the receivables to paying bills... and then it keeps track of our payroll which I used to do on paper which was really difficult back then." - Dancy Walker

Aurora Transport Ltd. Grande Prairie, AB T8X 0B1, Canada

Aurora Transport Ltd"I like the way that you can access the tickets, whether it’s when you’re doing payroll or if you’re just looking for information. Throughout the whole program you can locate any information you need. Everything is just right there; everything is so accessible." – Sherry Hafner

Hughes Oilfield Transportation Odessa, TX 79764, United States

Hughes Oilfield TransportationHughes Oilfield Transportation (HOT SHOT) is a successful, steadily growing company operating out of Texas. They are a smart team that needed to find a software package that could keep up with their ambitions. About 7 years ago, they teamed up with Axon and kicked things into overdrive.

Lucas Refrigerated Transport Calgary, AB T2K 4T7, Canada

Lucas Refrigerated TransportLucas Refrigerated Transport is a company based out of Calgary, AB, and about 10 years ago they invested in Axon software. We spoke with Tracy from the accounting department to get her thoughts about why that was the best thing they had ever done. - Tracy Blank

New Hope Transport Ltd Oak Bluff, MB, Canada

New Hope TransportIt used to take us four days to process the payroll for 28 trucks. Since installing Axon, we’ve grown to about 90 drivers and 15 office staff. With the shop, we have over 130 people that work for us. Now I can do payroll in a day and a half, for a two-week period. And that’s verifying all of their trips, mileages – that’s everything. And that’s with the same admin staff. At 28 units, there were three of us, and at 90 units there are three of us. - Kim Peters

National Shunt Service Ltd (NSSL) Cobourg, ON K9A 4W5, Canada

nssl-vid“Since starting with Axon, our revenues have at least tripled, yet we’ve only had to increase our staff by about one and a half people, thanks to Axon. In our industry the paperwork is pretty intense. Axon has more than paid for itself because without it we would have had to hire many more people. It was a terrific investment." - Tracy Stewart

Tricor Transportation Ltd Nanaimo, BC V9T 2H1, Canada

Tricor Transportation LtdDoug Stewart the General Manager of load broker Tricor Transportation Inc. has been an Axon user for 2 years. In this interview Doug discusses how the ease of invoicing and keeping track of invoices has increased efficiency and Doug calculates the software paid for itself within 6 months.


CDI International Inc. High River, AB T1V 1P3, Canada

CDI International "Axon will give you everything QuickBooks gives you times 100. There’s nothing to be afraid about because it’ll only expand your efficiencies, your tracing, your tracking. Again, there’s just no comparison. It’s like moving from the Dark Ages to the Space Age. The only thing that I could see that would hold somebody back is software intimidation, but Axon takes that problem away by support." – Roger Hamel

Liquids In Motion Ltd. Millet, AB T0C 1Z0, Canada

Liquids In Motion“We have so much paperwork from the United States with the BOLs, the customs papers, and all of those things. Because of the ability to attach all of these documents to our orders, we can pull up any order that a customer needs if they call with a question on anything. We can pull it right up and say, ‘Well, here’s the paperwork. We can send you a copy in minutes.’” - Donna McQuaid

Gibson International Carriers Moose Jaw, SK S6H 5V2, Canada

Gibson International Carriers"Axon has adapted to the trucking industry, you know. They specialize. It’s not just one of these makeshift programs that a restaurant’s gonna have and the gas station and all that. It’s totally adaptable to the trucking industry and staying up with all the protocol that comes along with cross-border shipments. It’s a huge part of our growth. There’s no question about it." - Dean Lang

Caron Transportation Systems Sherwood Park, AB T8H 1N1, Canada

Caron Transportation“We’ve Been Growing 15% A Year, Year After Year, And I Haven’t Added Any Accounting Staff In 10 Years. Axon Just Makes It Easier To Grow.” - Terry Evans

Luckhart Transport Ltd. Sebringville, ON N0K 1X0, Canada

Luckhart Transport"The experience with Axon has been great. The people are friendly; we seem to hit it off, Axon seems to be a very personable company. Our company is a family business for the last 54 years. I was probably the most negative person, even though I ordered the program; but you have to understand, I hate computers. I’d have to say that within six or eight months though, I was sold and away we go." – Doug Luckhart

Fox Transport Co. Paxton, IL 60957, United States

axon"I didn’t find another program that did everything, where you put an entry in and it goes everywhere it’s supposed to. Axon was the most integrated program that I could find. It’s perfect. I love this system; it’s so easy." - Wilma Kusnacki

Jones Transportation Inc. Acheson, AB T7X 5A4, Canada

Jones Transportation Inc."Before we used a spreadsheet, and I would physically break down every trip manually and then compile all that at the end of three months. We were taking fuel bills and taking mileages and breaking down borders and everything. Even the GST was something that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Now it’s just done. It’s there." – Robert Jones

Dakota Valley Trucking Milbank, SD 57252, United States

axon"Our biggest problems are fuel costs and keeping track of just where our money is going – costs in general. And Axon has helped us with that. I can pull up reports to show where all the money’s going—if it’s going to fuel or repairs, or if there’s some equipment that’s not moving or costing more to run. I can tell with this software." – Jessica Selchert

All Points Freight Inc. Bradford, ON L3Z 3G4, Canada

All Points Freight"... because we’re able to do more, outside of the actual dispatching and the accounting, there’s just more opportunity to do different things in the office, so we can increase revenues other ways. You know, through sales and different things. There’s not as much work, so we’re saving money in time." – Rachelle Oosterhuis

Plant Peddlers Inc. Willow Springs, MO 65793, United States

Plant Peddlers Inc.One of the things that I like to tell everybody is that it covers everything you need from start to finish. It’s not just dispatch or just accounting. It’s the whole package, even interfacing with PC*Miler. It saves us money not having to pay someone to do our T99s and our W2s. And it cuts down the time on tax preparation. - Doris Morris

D & D Trucking & Service Inc. Delphos, OH 45833, United States

D & D Trucking"We are absolutely ecstatic with this system from so many different standpoints It’s so much easier to track information. We’ve reduced our paper usage. We’ve reduced our time because information only needs to be entered once." – Jackie Mason

CDS Transportation Inc Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702, United States

CDS Transportation"I generate a report that shows us how many deliveries we have for a customer per month and how many we actually delivered on time for them. We send it off to the customer on a monthly basis to show him that we’re keeping up. We’re striving for 100% on-time accuracy, of course; but it not being a perfect world, we like to hit the 98.5-99%." – Eric Laubach

Kebo Transportation Atlanta, GA 30316, United States Kebo Transportation“Well, as far as trucking software — because we own several other companies — I haven’t used anything near this good – of course, we never had anything this good. And we did look at four different software setups before we made our decision. There were several software [systems] that we saw, but they were so detailed, to a degree that it made it hard to use." - Ryan Roark
Tempo Transport Inc. Fredericton, NB E3B 2T8, Canada

tempo-transport"I used to do a lot of manual entry with the fuel tax. The drivers would send in a trip report with all the miles that they traveled and the fuel that they purchased, and I would manually have to enter it into a program, and then manually do up their bills and invoicing. Nothing was automated from our dispatch like Axon is." – Corina Roth

Regal Service Company Ripley, NY 14775, United States Regal Service Company"Some of the programs that I looked at said they were integrated; however, they used Peachtree® software or QuickBooks® or another off-the-shelf product. With Axon, it’s right within the system. As an accountant, I analyzed a lot of the general ledger accounts within Axon, and there are some really cool features." - Carol Uglow
R. B. Humphreys Inc. Rome, NY 13440, United States R. B. Humphreys Inc.“Entering the order and having it go through the rest of the system automatically is a great benefit. When an order is entered, all the detail is there, and you just keep updating that information as you need to. We are currently scanning paperwork and tying it together with the invoice and the order so I don’t have to go back and start pulling individual documents afterwards. Saves on space and everything." - Bob Glownia
A & K Enns Trucking Carrot River, SK S0E 0L0, Canada A & K Enns Trucking"The recession had its impact. We had to cut our drivers and fleet.  Because of the Axon software, we could see which lanes made money and which lanes we should close.  Axon made it easier to make those decisions. Otherwise we wouldn’t have survived." – Henry Doerksen
Assured Aggregates Co. Salinas, CA 93907, United States

Assured Aggregates“For me to make a change after 24 years on the same system, I kept thinking, ‘Oh, lord, am I gonna learn this thing?
“Now they call me Mrs. Axon.” - Sharon Chapin

G & J Heavy Haul Corona, CA 92881, United States

G & J Heavy Haul"We Quadrupled What We Did Last Year. I Would Have Needed At Least Four More Staff Members To Process That Kind of Paperwork, But With Axon We Haven’t Had To Hire Anyone." - Jennifer Archer

Three Star Trucking Ltd. Alida, SK S0C 0B0, Canada

three-star-trucking-vidThree Star Trucking is an oilfield trucking company working in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta and North Dakota. Tim Boettcher talks about how they’ve grown from 35 to 200 trucks since starting with Axon with an estimated cost savings of 2 million dollars.

Bert Baxter Transport Ltd Estevan, SK S4A 2L7, Canada Bert Baxter Transport“It helps a lot because it’s immediate and everything is in there. You know from one day to the next what’s happening. One of our managers says the best part of Axon for him is the Executive Briefing. He loves it. He goes and checks it out every morning – makes sure we’re still making money.” - Nancy Shirley
Xtreme Oilfield Technology Ltd. Saint Paul, AB T0A 3A0, Canada Xtreme Oilfield TechnologyI think that there was a concern initially with some people that ‘Oh, we’re getting this new software system. My position’s gone.’ Well, that wasn’t the case. We just didn’t have to hire anybody else for quite some time after that. - Ken Siewiertoka
John Bunning Transfer Co. Rock Springs, WY 82901, United States

John Bunning Transfer Co."We pay some of our drivers hourly, some of them by the mile, some of them by the load. Each one of our departments is a little unique. Axon has allowed us to basically pay however we decide we want to. At the end of the month we hit a button and it tallies it all up for us. We do a quick verification and we can cut a check." - Andy Fletcher

LSE Crane & Transportation Lafayette, LA 70506, United States

LSE Crane & Transportation“It’s much more user-friendly than our old software was. Probably one of the most user-friendly ones that I have seen on the market, and I was in public accounting for 10 years so I’ve seen a lot. I hate to compare it to QuickBooks® because Axon’s so much more powerful, but it’s easy like QuickBooks if that makes sense.” - Erin Ramos

Southern Specialties Transportation (SST) Estherwood, LA 70534, United States

Southern Specialties Transportation“... We merged our companies together and decided that we needed some refinement and some efficiencies. We reached out to the guys at Axon and brought it in.

“At the point of merger, we were 12 trucks, no rental equipment, doing about $9 million a year. We will close 2013 with a total of 120 trucks, approximately 100 pieces of rental equipment, 200 employees, and a total revenue of $43 million this year." - Joshua Savant

Rafter 9 Oilfield Services Brooks, AB T1R 1B5, Canada

Rafter 9 Oilfield Services“In Terms of Admin/Clerical Costs, Axon Has Saved Us At Least $100,000 a Year – Probably a Lot Closer to $200,000 a Year” “We would not be able to keep up without Axon – would not be able to do all that we are doing now with one person. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind about that.” - Mac Anderson

Long Star Trucking & Field Services Midland, TX 79704, United States

Long Star Trucking and Field Services“Axon has more than paid for itself if you calculate how we’ve been able to streamline and put people in places to do other things that we wouldn’t have been able to do in the past. Just going from four people invoicing to one created the ability for those three people to do other things." - Melissa Sanchez

Q-Line Trucking Saskatoon, SK S7K 3J7, Canada q-line-inWe used to wait for the paperwork to come in, then I’d have to find the rate for that load, and then I’d generate an invoice from that, and then, once we had a bunch of invoices, I’d have to post them into the accounting software. Now, when the order is generated, once the paperwork comes in, everything is just checked off and the invoice is generated and then, boom, it’s straight into the accounting, just like that.”
Weaver Aggregate Transportation Inc. Sumterville, FL 33585, United States

Weaver Aggregate TransportationThey [Owner Operators] get a statement that shows every ticket they’re getting paid for and how much their pay is for the ticket. It shows any deductions for insurance, fuel, and so on, and their net pay. And it also shows them their year-to-date totals. Before they were getting four different statements, and now they get just one. – Tamara Weaver

Cal-Les II LLC Green Bay, WI 54307, United States

cal-les-ii-2Plus it goes into the ledgers right away, correctly, so when I print up my reports at the end of the week, I know just how much I’ve spent, any expenses on a truck. I know how much revenue that truck makes in a week. And that’s what we look at, that’s how we work with our drivers because we can see if that truck is making money or not. - Pat Ashton

O & I Transport Inc. Dearborn, MI 48126, United States

O & I Transport Inc.O & I Transport in Dearborn, Michigan, has been ramping up their business in a big way ever since switching to Axon software in 2005. We recently caught up with Mike Schofield and Karen Peralta to get the scoop on what allowed them to increase their numbers by such a drastic amount.

Harland Veinotte Limited Morrisburg, ON K0C 1X0, Canada

Harland VeinotteI think Axon is a very powerful organizational tool, and if you can’t organize your business by using this thing, then you’re in trouble. …Honestly, I can’t imagine why anybody would want to run several stand-alone programs when they can run a totally integrated one. – Randy Veinotte

Gary Graham Transport Ltd. Glencoe, ON N0L 1M0, Canada

Gary Graham TransportGary Graham Transport Ltd., from Glencoe, Ontario, started out hauling water and aggregates in bulk trailers in 1961, diversifying the company over the years. We recently spoke with Brad Graham, Vice President of Operations, and Shelley Ingold, Safety and Compliance Manager, about their Axon experience.

Augusta Transportation Inc. Augusta, GA 30901, United States

Augusta TransportationThe new system provides much better information for the drivers. It used to be that once a week there was a lot of discussion and often a disagreement about a driver settlement. Now it’s broken down clearly. There is very seldom any discussion or disagreement over that process. – Walter Wellborn

Market Express Transportation Fresno, CA 93706, United States

Market Express TransportationMarket Express Transportation an LTL Carrier from Fresno CA operates 25 company-owned trucks hauling refrigerated produce throughout California, Arizona, New Mexico, Washington, and Oregon. Incorporated in 1989, Market Express has been an Axon client since April of 2003. Marva Petrequin, Chief Financial Officer, has been with the company since its inception and spoke to us about their Axon Experience.

AC Trucking Inc. Manteca, CA 95336, United States

AC Trucking Inc.“I think that the drivers appreciate what Axon does as far as payroll. They get to see a very concise statement that we didn’t have in the past. It shows them exactly what they need to know. If there is ever a discrepancy, the driver’s got the information to be educated enough to come in and say, ‘I need to know what’s going on here,’ instead of just going, ‘I think you messed up.’

J.B.M. Logistics Saskatoon, SK S7K 6X5, Canada

JBM Logistics“Axon software has saved us over $100,000.00 per year!”
Lindsay Keene, J.B.M. Logistics: “Axon is the best software we have ever used. It’s provided us with an information system that we believe is second to none.”

Lipsett Cartage Ltd. Regina, SK S4R 8R7, Canada

Lipsett Cartage LtdWell, for me, that was probably my biggest concern because I’m not a computer person and don’t pretend to be one. But even myself, on a day-to-day basis, I can go in here anywhere, whether it’s dispatching or the business side of it – executive briefings or income statements or balance sheets – I can find my way around this thing pretty easy. It’s very user friendly. – Glenn Lipsett

RB High Tech Transportation Inc. Newark, CA 94560, United States

RB High Tech TransportationCraig Browne, Owner of R.B. High Tech Transport Inc. in Newark, California discusses the benefits they’ve seen since starting to use the Axon Trucking Software program. Craig talks about how billing errors have been all but eliminated and how the ability to attach photos to an order has helped them avoid damage claims, months after the load has been delivered.

Hardline Transport Solutions Moose Jaw, SK S6H 5V2, Canada

Hardline Transport SolutionsMike Bertossa, VP/GM of Hardline Transport Solutions Inc. a diversified FTL/LTL carrier based in Moose Jaw, SK discusses using Axon in their 20 month old business. Mike has learned to appreciate how Axon can help trim Hardline’s overhead and how when they need to add capabilities such as ACE and ACI for border crossings Axon already has the modules ready to go.

Maverick Express Inc. Battle Creek, MI 49015, United States

Maverick ExpressWhen you include salary plus the personnel burden we’re probably saving $43,000.00 per year right there. You have to haul a lot of freight to make up for that amount of expense. Right now we’re doing very well, without that extra body, even though we’ve increased the size of our fleet from 30 to close to 40 power units. – Jim Wood

Hourglass Transport LLC Coleman, OK 73432, United States

Hourglass TransportOh, absolutely. It takes away the guessing game. If you can make sure the drivers are not confused about anything, they have more confidence in the company. And because drivers always seem to be looking for mistakes, the simple settlement statement is a big plus. It does help in retention, just the mere fact that there’s a trust factor there. – Billy White

Twin Lake Trucking East Saint Louis, IL 62203, United States

Twin Lake Trucking“Without Axon we would need three or four more people, many more computers, many more file cabinets, many more a lot of things! “And we would have run out of room too because we don’t have that much room for new people!” - Pat Luehder, Accounting

J P Graham Transport Rochester, PA 15074, United States

J P Graham Transport“We have increased our truck count by 35 without adding another employee. This would have been close to impossible to do otherwise. I figure I could add at least 30 to 50 more without adding another employee.”

P & B Transportation Inc Apollo, PA 15613, United States

P & B Transportation“We’ve increased our fleet by about 25%. Using our old program we would have had to at least double our staff.  It was the best thing we ever did.” - G. Williams, Dispatch

Horizon International Distributors Winnipeg, MB R2J 0K6, Canada

Horizon International DistributingHorizon International Distributors from Winnipeg, MB provides general truck load and LTL service in Canada and the United States. General Manager, Luc Dubé discusses how they use Axon on a daily basis from dispatch to invoicing.

JR Kays Trucking Clarendon, PA 16313, United States

JR Kays TruckingJR Kays hauls mainly food products along the US East Coast, they average 35 to 40 trucks. Lisa discusses how Axons reports can be customized to show just the information people need to see.

RP Trucking LLC Rush Springs, OK 73082, United States

RP Trucking LLC“Axon has returned me a hundredfold in cost savings. I haven’t had to increase any staff since moving from 18 to 51 trucks” - Gayla Pierce, Co-Owner

G. Tutt Transport Chilliwack, BC V2R 3W8, Canada

G. Tutt Transport Inc."Axon has proven to be an excellent program for us because it’s very efficient. Managing owner operators was the biggest time-consuming job I had, and Axon reduced that task by about 80%. When billing is entered, everything is applied to the owner operators." - Diane Unger

Southern Illinois Motor Xpress Cutler, IL 62238, United States

SIMX - Southern Illinois Motor XpressSouthern Illinois Motor Xpress hauls primarily pneumatic bulk across the United States and Canada. Over the last six years with Axon, they’ve been able to increase their fleet significantly without adding any staff, and without even needing to replace several employees who left the company.

Glen McLeod & Son Ltd Winnipeg, MB R3C 2E6, Canada

Glen McLeod & Son“I Used To Spend Four Days A Week Invoicing In QuickBooks® And Now I Can Do It All In A Day And A Half With Axon®” - Linda Ash

Cliffside Transportation Services Greycliff, MT 59033, United States

Cliffside Transportation Services“Without Axon, we would have probably needed at least two more staff, and that’s an expensive proposition when you factor in salary and benefits. It’s a significant savings.” - John Giesecke, President

Rising Sun Express Inc. Jackson Center, OH 45334, United States

Rising Sun ExpressTrucking companies who run their own maintenance shops have some unique requirements. We caught up with the parts manager of Rising Sun Express, Rick Howerton, to get his thoughts on what Axon has done for that end of the business.

Renaissance Transport Ltd Brandon, MB R7A 5Y1, Canada

Renaissance Transport“Axon Has Saved Us $100,000 Per Year In Wage Expenses. Our Fleet Can Go From 18 To 50 And It Wouldn’t Matter Right Now With the Way We Are Set up With Axon.” - Gerald Brown, President

Kelsey Trail Trucking Innisfil, ON L9S 3V6, Canada

Kelsey Trail Trucking“Before we had Axon, we had 20 trucks. Since Axon, we have grown to about 55 trucks and in that time virtually haven’t had to change our staff numbers” - Tyler Nontell, GM

Big Tex Trailer Manufacturing Mount Pleasant, TX 75455, United States

Big Tex Trailer ManufacturingBig Tex Trailer Manufacturing Inc. of Mt. Pleasant, TX, is the leading utility trailer manufacturing company in the United States. When they found that their sophisticated ERP software system wasn’t up to the job of handling the specialized needs of their trucking company, they turned to Axon.

Star Bulk / PX Transportation New Braunfels, TX 78132, United States

Star Bulk / PX TransportationFrank Pender, Owner of PX Transportation (Star Bulk) talks about Axon Software. Frank discusses the benefits of Axon’s integration with fuel downloads and how it makes paperwork easy.

Diamond Tank Rental Inc. Odessa, TX 79766, United States

Diamond Tank RentalsThis was the only real-time software company that I found when I was looking and I liked that you could change something instantly and it updated to everyone. All the systems I worked on in the past you put it in there and it didn’t change until the next day and so that data didn’t do you any good until the following day when it updated.

MC Carrier LLC Las Vegas, NV 89103, United States

MC Carrier LLCInterview with John Lupusor, Owner of MC Carrier in Las Vegas. John discusses how Axon’s Trucking Software has helped to clean up their Owner Operator Settlements with detailed and self explanatory reports.

JAT Brokerage LLC Columbus, KS 66725, United States

JAT Brokerage LLCSometimes it doesn’t take long to experience the huge payoffs of streamlined work and better organization. Today, we’re speaking with Jack Johnson, owner of JAT Brokerage, to find out how quickly Axon began paying off for them, and how it has changed their business over the past 7 years.

McMillan Transport Ltd Medicine Hat, AB T1C 1V2, Canada

McMillan TransportMcMillan Transport is a Medicine Hat, Alberta based FTL company with terminals in Calgary & Edmonton. Interview with Jamie McMillan, Owner.

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