Boyd Special Commodities

“Without Axon, We Would Need 3 To 5 More People To Do Everything That We Need To Get Done.”

Boyd Special Commodities has been in business for nearly 30 years, but the past year has seen explosive growth. They’ve nearly tripled their fleet since starting with Axon. We sat down with Candice to learn more about how this happened and to hear about their Axon experience.

“Hi, my name is Candice and I work at Boyd Special Commodities in Turlock, California. We have been in business since 1978. We do a lot of local runs, Bay area, LA area, and Sacramento area. We do reefers, dry vans, roller vans, 57 foot, 53 foot, and that’s about it. We have been using Axon for well over a year.”

Can you tell us about your experience with Axon?
“I love it. I have no issues with it. It pulls the company together – you have all your information on one screen, whether it’s your work orders or what’s going on with the truck, whether the truck is down, or where the truck is.

“Everybody is linked – accounts payable, the shop, dispatch – it’s all there for us.

“There have been a couple of times where I had to email for support, but they’re on it. I can’t even put it aside and do something else because I know I am going to get a phone call within five minutes or so. They are really quick and they stay on the phone.

“Support doesn’t do it for you even though they can get onto your screen. They tell you where you need to go, but they have you do it so you can learn.

“It’s hands on – you’re not just calling and saying, ‘Hey can you fix this?’. They show you the ways of getting your issue worked out.”

Josh Conrad, Truck Dispatcher at Boyd Special Commodities in Turlock, CA. Josh relates the dispatcher’s point of view about using Axon’s Software.

Has Axon changed the way Boyd runs its business?
“Everybody was kind of in the dark – different departments were in the dark of each other. The shop didn’t know that dispatch had that truck going out that afternoon, and it was in the shop broken down. Our old dispatching method was on paper, and we had a billing program, but it was kind of outdated.

“My manager found you guys, went to another company, saw how it worked, and said, ‘We need this at Boyd.’”

Have the owner operator statements changed since using Axon?
“They’re clearer. They see what the load paid, and what percentage they are getting out of it. Everything is black and white, and they can see on their statement that they are getting the fuel surcharge. I have had probably two drivers come in every once in a while and it was pretty much our fault. We got the rate wrong or something like that, so we just had to go in and do a quick fix in Axon.”

Has invoicing changed for you?
“Yes, it sped up tremendously. I never really did much invoicing in our old program, but the little bit that I did get into was confusing. You had to go out of some screens and into other screens. In Axon it is all right there, basically just a click of a mouse. It is a tremendous timesaver.”

Can you talk about your growth since getting Axon?
“Before Axon, we had approximately 12-15 trucks. Once we got Axon, we went to approximately 35-40 trucks and during that time we also decreased our office staff. If we didn’t have the Axon program, we would need approximately three to five more people to do everything that we need to get done at Boyd.”

Has it helped you improve or maintain your customer relations?
“We all know what is going on and we can leave each other notes.

“We know where that truck is and how far away it is when our customer calls asking for the ETA on their load. Any one of us can get on the computer, see where that truck is, and see how far away they are.

“Our customers appreciate it because we have solid information, where before, with the old company, we were kind of guesstimating.

“Before, we had to make sure that they got the right person when they called who knew all the information about that truck, because the old system didn’t have notes or things like that. If it was your department, you took care of it. In Axon, even if it isn’t your department, you can still go in and give the customer the information they’re looking for. They don’t have to sit on hold and wait for our dispatcher to get to them.”

How did you find the training?
“I was nervous going into the training, but I sat down and everybody at Axon was so nice. They made sure that we completely understood the previous session before they moved on to the next session. They never left me guessing what I was doing.

“When it was my time to go live with the program, I knew what I was doing. I was confident.

“I liked it the first day. I was kind of nervous but I think everybody is, going into something completely different. It seemed overwhelming to me a little bit, but the first day I was actually in there, hands-on, and it clicked. It was easy to use.”

If someone in the industry asked you about Axon, what would you say?
“It’s awesome! You guys need to get it! Come to Boyd and we’ll show you how it works.”

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