Bulldog Vacuum Service Ltd. – Jackie Clark

“When your staff is overworked, when you want to keep growing your business, AND you want to be more profitable — without losing control. Who you gonna call?”

Fast growing Mannville, Alberta-based, Bulldog Vacuum Service Ltd. services the oilfield with, at the time of this interview, 65 oilfield vacuum trucks and 15 water trucks, and more trucks are on order. Office Manager Jackie Clark spoke to us about their Axon experience.

What prompted your move to Axon to manage your business?

“We were using Simply Accounting. All it did was serve our accounting needs. Everything to do with our fleet, our fuel tax, our tracking of anything that we needed to track was done in multiple Excel spreadsheets. And then it was a matter of combining all of those.

“It was not very efficient. It took a lot of time and we were looking for a program that would do more for us – everything for us. We have found that in Axon.”

How did your processes change with Axon?

“Everything that we do is different. We have our equipment set up on the computer, which we didn’t have before, and we can run monthly equipment statements. At the push of a button we can find out if we’re making money or losing money on a particular truck.

“I really like the way we’re invoicing and doing our field tickets. We have a problem with the field tickets if the drivers don’t turn them in. But now, with Axon, we can run reports to find out if a field ticket number is missing, so we know that there are tickets that have yet to be billed, which is wonderful.

“Before, we had multiple spreadsheets in Excel, outside of the system, that we’re not using anymore. And the more we are mastering the report system and figuring out how we can capture this data, it’s just becoming better and better. When you sit back and look at the reports that we can run, the information that’s there in Axon, there is no comparison to what we had before. None whatsoever.

“When we were using spreadsheets, we would enter the same information multiple times because Operations would track where the equipment went, Payables would track what equipment had used what fuel. Our maintenance people were tracking what work had been done on a particular machine.

“Now we’re using the Work Orders module, which we never had before. That’s all flowing to the equipment statements. Fuel purchases all flow to the equipment statements. It’s just wonderful. It has sped up everything.

“Our lady in Payables absolutely loves that you can upload the fuel bills. She used to spend hours going through a fuel bill and allocating the cost to the different equipment. Now you go to the website, upload their invoice, and it’s done!”

How have you found the support from Axon?

“With Axon, if we can’t figure out how to do something or if I need a new report, I can phone Axon. I can bounce it off whoever I’ve got on the phone: ‘This is what I need. Can you help me out?’ You know? It’s just wonderful. It’s tremendous.

“I love the fact that we can connect to Axon’s support right there on the screen. So not only is someone just telling you over the phone, you can follow it on the screen. You can see where people are going to create the reports and what not.”

Your company has been growing very quickly.

I would highly recommend it [Axon]. I would. If they were in the same type of business, doing the same type of thing that we’re doing, certainly I would recommend it. Yeah, it’s been great. - Jackie Clark

“Yes. When I started here in September 2010 there were 4 ladies in the office. Now there are 10 of us. We went from 3 people in operations to 6. We had 1 safety officer – we now have 2. We had 3 mechanics – we now have 5. And we’ve hired a parts person.

“Because another wonderful thing about Axon is we had no way to track our inventory before. Now we are using Axon’s inventory and work order systems.

“I’d be surprised if there’s something within Axon that we are not using. We’ve taken advantage of most of the features that were offered us.

“Since we went live with Axon last October, we’ve added 5 trucks, and we have another 5 on order. Quite frankly, we’ve run out of trucks and we’re hiring sub-contractors.

“That’s another beautiful feature in Axon, how what we invoice flows to the contractor statements. And their expenses flow there as well – if we’re buying their fuel, if we’re paying wages for a driver on their truck.

“All of these things that we were tracking on spreadsheets are now simply flowing to those statements. We love it. It’s really saved us time.”

Bulldog Vacuum Truck

If you didn’t have Axon and had the growth that you’ve had, how many more people do you think you’d have needed?

“Instead of having 8 or 10 here in the office, I’d probably have 12. We couldn’t have continued to do things the old way and kept up. The staff couldn’t have kept up. They just couldn’t have. We were all overworked.”

Would you say the software has paid for itself since you bought it?

“Oh, in my mind, yes. Most definitely it has! Since we bought Axon the system has more than paid for itself.”

As you grow the fleet, do you feel you’re going to have to add more staff or can the software keep up with your growth?

“We’re thinking that right now, where we’re sitting, the software is going to eliminate adding more staff. That’s not to say that we still might not grow.

“We’re going under the umbrella now of Bulldog Energy Group, and we are starting a sister company and going to use Axon there as well. We love it. I can’t say enough about it. I’m very happy with our choice.”

What would you say to someone with another oilfield vacuum truck services company who asked you about Axon?

“I would highly recommend it. I would. If they were in the same type of business, doing the same type of thing that we’re doing, certainly I would recommend it. Yeah, it’s been great.

“We’ve only been live with Axon since last October, but I don’t want to go back. I would never want to go back. That’s for darn sure.”

Website: Bulldog Energy Group

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