Eagle Trucking and Crane Services, Inc.

Eagle Trucking and Crane Services, Inc., from Bakersfield, California, provides a variety of services to the oilfields of California. At the time of this interview they have been using Axon for only 10 months but are already seeing some major advantages over their old system. Marinda Dye spoke with us about their Axon Trucking Software experience so far.

Marinda, Eagle Trucking and Crane“I’m Marinda Dye, and I work for Eagle Trucking & Crane as the office manager. We move oil rigs and equipment in the oilfields. We have 22 tractors, about 100 trailers, several flat beds, and four larger cranes. We move triple rigs. On a daily basis, we’ll move the production rigs, drill pipe, two-beam, or any oilfield equipment. That’s what we specialize in.”

When did you start using Axon?

“April 2012, which is about 10 months ago – and wish we would have started using it 10 years ago.”

Has Axon changed the way you do your invoicing?

“We get our invoicing done in one day instead of a week. It’s much easier to track the jobs, and it’s much easier to not miss a job whereas we were missing [invoicing] lots of jobs before. We didn’t have a good way to track the dispatching; we were using a chalkboard.

“Now, as soon as we dispatch on Axon it keeps track of the jobs for us. We don’t miss a ticket now and that’s a huge difference. [We spend] less time, and we use less paper doing it this way.”

You mentioned there were jobs that weren’t invoiced. Could you put a dollar value on that?

“Oh, I hate to even think about it. In one month I think we found about $4,000 worth that we’d missed, and that’s just from having tickets sent down to be signed. After erasing the chalkboard, you don’t remember that the job’s there or that the ticket’s gone out because you don’t have a good tracking system.

“Now that job stays in the dispatching system and, if we don’t get the ticket back, it’ll show us that. It’ll say booking number not invoiced yet. So now we don’t lose those any more because we’d forgotten that they were there or somebody took a ticket out of a rig and left it there and then it would pop up six months later.”

That was one of the problems before we started with Axon. . . . We would be three months behind on our billing, so that’s three months of payments behind. With Axon now, we’re invoicing every day, so we have money coming in every day.

With the new system, are you able to handle more transactions than you were before?

“Oh yes, definitely. That was one of the problems before we started with Axon. We were so far behind on trying to keep up with what we were doing that our money wasn’t coming in efficiently. We would be three months behind on our billing, so that’s three months of payments behind.

“With Axon now, we’re invoicing every day, so we have money coming in every day, and we need less people to invoice than we did before. So that’s a big plus.”

If you didn’t have Axon, how many more staff members would you need with your increase in business?

“Oh boy. I would say we’d probably need three more people with the way that we were invoicing, because not only did we have to do our invoice in our system, but with a couple of our major customers we then had to log onto their internet system and bill them in there. We were invoicing in their system plus our system. Now, in Axon, it’s generated automatically and it cut all that invoicing time.

“The dispatching starts the invoice when they enter the job, so it’s already invoiced. You just plug in some numbers and that takes two seconds, versus to do an invoice before probably took three minutes an invoice.

“Before Axon, we were using two temp girls, and we were still three months behind. It was really unmanageable.”

How much do you think Axon has saved you in the last nine months?

“Oh, gosh, it’s hard to put a number on it, but if we were to have had to hire three more girls at an average salary of $3,000 a month plus their insurance and stuff, that’s a huge savings – over $9,000 per month or more, depending on what kind of overtime they would have to put in. And now we are able to keep up with it with just Pammy.

“Yeah, our system wasn’t good for us before. The Axon system is. Like I said, I wish we would have started 10 years ago.

“And I’ve just been talking about Accounts Receivable. I haven’t even touched on Accounts Payables and where that has saved us time. We could’ve hired a girl just to do Accounts Payable.

“Now Pammy is doing Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable so that eliminates another person and it’s just much more efficient now.

“The returns have paid for the software once or twice already. In the last nine months, Axon has more than paid for itself with the savings. It really has.”

Has Axon helped you with your customer relations?

“Oh, it’s improved customer relations. One of the biggest problems we were having was that I was actually called in by one of the major companies because they wanted to know why their invoices were getting to them 90 days from the day the job was being done. They were really upset with us, but since we’ve switched to Axon I haven’t been called in to one meeting like that because our invoices get out every day. I think we switched to Axon about a month after that meeting. That’s when I really started researching.”

If someone in the industry asked you about your experience with Axon, what would you say?

“I’d tell them that it’s good. I would recommend Axon to any trucking company. It could apply to any company like it did to ours.

“If it wasn’t for switching over to Axon, with the growth of the oilfields in Bakersfield, we would have probably had to add on four or possibly even five more people. That has saved us a ton of money.”

Web Site: Eagle Trucking & Crane Services, Inc.

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